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  1. Went to a Red Baron (I think) in Sapporo, they did indeed have a lot of bikes some real monsters as well - overseas makes too. Crazy massive Harley. Hate the look of those things.
  2. Only "essential" emails for me now. I changed my mail address and only told family and a few close friends.
  3. Do it! You (in the general sense) don't realise quite how pathetic lots of the facebook/always online stuff was until you stand back and go without it for a bit. I seem to have a whole new bunch of time to do better things now and feel massively better for it.
  4. Looks nice and cold that! Do you put the glass in the fridge?
  5. Can't you just pick them and tempura them up?
  6. No doubt. Remember that restaurants will be catering to local tastes as well. Still, doesn't get round the fact that Wagamama is rubbish.
  7. I think Shakey is safe from all that, though.
  8. Anyone ever tried the sushi from Tesco?
  9. Friend of mine has solar panels on the roof and they keep on telling me how much they generated in a day, so seems they are on top of the info! Just under 300 here too.
  10. I haven't heard and English commentary yet.
  11. As others have said though, this has hardly been mentioned on the news has it? Well, doesn't seem to have been.
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