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  1. Anyone planning on going to this? I can't wait!!! -From NSs- TOKYO, JAPAN, December 11, 2006 -- After a 5 year absence, world-class Freeskiing competition is making a return to Japan. Suzuki presents the Nippon Freeskiing Open taking place at Joetsu Kokusai Ski Resort, Niigata, Japan, from February 15 - 18, 2007. Japan's hottest up-and-comers will have a chance to challenge the world's best freeskiers like Simon Dumont, Tanner Hall, Sammy Carlson, Jon Olsson, Charles Gagnier, Sarah Burke, and Kaya Turski in Superpipe, Slopestyle, and Big Air. "Japan is one of the world's biggest
  2. Wow, this thread sunk like a rock. This thing gonna happen? Let's 20th!!
  3. I'd allow 5,000 yen a day since it's a vacation, but I usually only spend 1,000 - 1,500 a day. But I usually bring a bottle of Black Nikka which runs like 650 a bottle and gets you ****ed up. Just bring the ladies back to the room to sip Nikka, they love that shit!!
  4. I don't see the "cat tracks" ones. But I often see some that seem way better, kinda like a regular rubber sole. Remember seeing them all over Ochanomizu, but don't know what they're called.
  5. Raining all day, through the night in Hakuba too. Might have got a bit up top but...
  6. Quote: Originally posted by sunrise: Motherhucker, are you an engineer/musician buying paired mics at that price? Nope, it's just a (expensive) hobby of mine to record concerts.
  7. Here it is: http://www.mountaineersbooks.org/productdetails.cfm?PC=455
  8. I like "Mountaineering" Freedom of the hills, by The Mountaineers Books out of Seattle. It's in it's 7th edition. I actually just bought the newest edition a couple of months ago, and sold my 5th edition for next to nothing. If you would have posted this a couple of months ago I would have gave it to you. It's pretty cheap too, I think it was $30 USD or something.
  9. Quote: Originally posted by eskimobasecamp: ohh no it's not dumping, not worth quiting your job over lol, or even getting out of bed for (even if you live in hakuba)... some might say. yeh just save your cash, it's quite a trip just to ride the top of the mountain. That's what I figured, but it's just a part timer I've been working saving for the season.
  10. You really know your addicted when... Quote: Originally posted by samurai: lines pop out at me. everywhere. walking down the street, I will see lines off of rooves, over bridges, into shrubs and down fields. Lines are everywhere and I have come to the realization that that will never change. I'm going to be 87, staring at a staircase coming out of a downtown parking garage, dreaming of airing out to the parked station wagon, and stomping on it's windshield. Not that I don't do the same thing, there's this sick natural road gap/step down by my school in central Tokyo, I always
  11. Yeah blows, can't stand working. It is a Sat. just saving for a couple weeks later when there'll be so much snow there will be absolutely no excuse to work. I'd quit right now if yall got dumped on last night. When I first saw this post I was wondering if I'd be pushin it to far if I asked to sleep in your car.
  12. Shit!!! I'd love to go but just said I'd work tomarrow not 10 min. ago. I'm so sick of work getting in the way all the damn time!!!!
  13. Tried to go up to Kagura as well on Sunday, but the JR package was sold out. Had to go to Gala. Conditions were rough as expected until late in the day after a steady snow fall all day (actually the cond. were just not quite as bad). Had a blast regardless, but really wish I could have got to Kagura. I seriously need a drivers license.
  14. I've always used http://www.stickerguy.com/ Don't know of anywhere in Japan though.
  15. The whaling done by the Japanese and others is quite disturbing, heres another insane activity that goes on in different parts of Japan. -CAUTION- If your a dolphin lover or can't stand blood / suffering better back out now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjqZi46P8Gs&mode=related&search= I had no idea this went on. Lots of whaling videos/footage on Youtube as well.
  16. I bought a pair of microphones that were valued at 1500 USD and only had to pay like 3500yen. That seems like a lot.
  17. No prob. I wanna check them out anyways, and def. will in the near future. Thanks for the offer!!
  18. Uh oh, I almost forgot Tokyo ale. Can't stop drinking that shit.
  19. I'm addicted to Chocopies. I gave some to my friends when I went home last, and they always ask me to send them some.
  20. Aw shit! That's on Thurs. I don't think I can make it cause I gotta work really early Fri. morning
  21. I love Seinfeld, it's prolly my fav. show from the states. I always rent those DVDs from Tsutaya, and always recommend them to my students. It's just too bad to see Kramer blow up like that. It's so out of his Character to see him like that, which I'm sure is what people expect to see. Yes, it will be interesting to see how his career will recover, doesn't seem so.
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