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  1. Originally Posted By: BagOfCrisps Very cool. Is it environmentally friendly? No - there is no environment anymore - everything you see is fake.
  2. Originally Posted By: dale#1 Excellent! Is there a directional control console? No - its 3009. Humans don't control anything anymore.
  3. Originally Posted By: Mamabear Meantime - the whole hybrid car thing - I can see it being a huge hit in large citys with tight parking, congested roads and small distances to travel, as you rarely get up over 60mph, but I struggle seeing them on the Aussie lanscape as a big feature (at least in thier current form), as we travel such vast distances in our cars. I like the idea. Just not too sure if they are practically suited to much of the Aussie consumers. All Hybrids are not created equal. The Toyota Prius (the Honda Civic Hybrid is almost there - but not quite as it is not as
  4. Here are 2 articles about current changes in the immigration tightening up on foreigners issue: http://www.japaninc.com/tt456 http://www.japaninc.com/tt458 The second article applies mostly to dual nationals but I think it sets the tone for the current attitude of the government.
  5. Mine took 10 1/2 months to process - 6 months is quick...
  6. I think I've mentioned this before in here but its worth repeating. My dad has married many of my friends and even my brother and sister (not to each other). He is a judge in Canada and he is very fussy about the weddings he agrees to perform - and he cannot accept any money for performing them. Many of my friends came to him for their wedding because of in-laws-to-be all fighting over whose religion would marry them. The wedding ceremony has to pass his test - it has to be original and interesting and meaningful for the couple. The couple have to create their own setting and write their
  7. Why not use all of them? You can run them all on your computer - try them and see what you like best. IE is a disaster as far a as a browser goes because it requires non-standard code and is the least secure - but sites have to be designed to work with IE simply because its everywhere. You need to practice safe browsing (check your security settings etc) with all of them and run the regular battery of anti-virus and anti-malware software - particularly if you use IE.
  8. You guys all too hung over to tell us how the SJ Party went? No incriminating pictures to post?
  9. fjef can't shake a nasty chest cold - he and Kaz won't make it to the party.... (spoken as an ominous Japanese girl)
  10. Well look at the bright side Ewok - you don't need to keep looking for the 4WD sticker.... I hope you are OK!
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