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  1. I used to enjoy calligraphy, maybe I can try that again. I don't think I would enjoy 'playing' with money!
  2. What do you do when you are bored at home? I read a lot and use internet.
  3. I don't give girichoco just from heart (and not today)
  4. Before married I worked OL job. But now just housewife
  5. My husband still use old camera. I am using digicam, it's much simpler!
  6. There are many recently, I was in Tokyo yesterday for it quite big moving.
  7. I know some friend foreign couple who go to naspa in yuzawa niigata for lessons in english. They are really happy with that.
  8. When younger I had some beer lunch and in afternoon had accident, twisted ankle. I was not drunk just a little slower think than usual! Not I don't even one sip of beer.
  9. I went to Gunma with 3 of my friends for 3 nights and we stayed nice hotel and had great times. It was good break from everyday life, even resort not so impressive compared some we really enjoyed it and have wonderful memory.
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