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  1. Hopefully this will be a big wake up, when we put our peips on in the carpark we get some strange looks from other sledders, i hope that changes. tough way to learn. helmets only got popular 2 or 3 years ago so should be interesting. prayers to the familys.
  2. Shovel selection is a personal thing, personally i like bigger blades and yes i have used one under pressure and found no problems. I think the inportant thing is to make sure all your crew has one! this post was me looking for a shovel not opinions...
  3. Cheers Q, you are right they have realeased a new selection but they wiped the D9, the new BD shovels look okay but just a little small.
  4. The shovel i am looking for is the Black Doamond D9, the name says it all. If i gotta dig my buddy out i want to DIG him out! found 2 at backcountry.com
  5. Seems there is a pretty keen crew on SJ that are into their Av safety which i think pretty awsome, the one problem for me is up here in Hokkaido its hard to find a like minded crew so im going to throw this idea out there for people simalar to me that need to brush up/practice techniqe and just shoot the shit, maybe hold a av weekend somewhere?
  6. Cheers crew, no luck localy but i have found one on backcountry.com
  7. I checked ici but they have no old stock, i even called their Tokyo stores. Where is the Mont Bell shop in Sapporo.
  8. I am looking for a red Black Diamond shovel with a telescopic handle and the BIG! blade, it was available in Japan last season but they seem to have released all new models this season. This shovel is huge so you will know it if you have seen it, i am looking to buy another one so if you know where one is please let me know. Cheers
  9. Hi crew, just a quick one, i need to have some stickers made-3 colour, anyone know where i can have this done?
  10. Leaders is a 80 hour course opposed to the 40 standard, just covers things more indepth and you can teach basic WFA after the LWFA.
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