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  1. Yes the exchange rate has gone up. However have you seen gas prices lately!!
  2. I thought this was a call for members of the Planetary Defense !!!
  3. I don't mind it so much. However my biggest gripe it just will not power me through the day especially if I'm skiing or biking.
  4. This is a good guide book for Hokkaido. 北海道雪山ガイド―北海道スノーハイキング姉妹編 The ISBN is 9784894533967. The book is in Japanese. It describes the routeand gives a topo and the name of the topos. It also gives a rating by difficulty as well as the time it takes. I do not speak or read Japanese But I can generally decipher enough of the info.
  5. I do hope you mean skis and not snowboard. The concepts are diffrent. Keep yor weight centered. Let the tips float. I would not recomend geting back on weight.
  6. Have seen a few six pax. Cant say I've seen an eight pax yet. New tecnology is nice. However sometimes it's nice to go old school and earn your turns
  7. ippy Kind of curious how long of a hike into the BC when you guys went out to dig your pits? TIA
  8. I need to get the hell out of Florida. Less then two weeks left then it's back home to Sapporo. Rock on guys.
  9. From Moiwa to Goshiki is relatively flat and boring. Just keep working to the right. I would not go this way unless you were looking to take a quick trip to the Onsen.
  10. The Mamut pulse will allow you to program a name into it. If you have two pulses it will identify the other.
  11. cooler is always better when it comes to electronics. A notebook fan works wonders at keeping it run cooler.
  12. Wife uses Baking soda and charcoal logs which she puts directly over her kimchi. It helps!! I like kimchi but some times the smell even with everything is too much.
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