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  1. There is a direct bus from Nagano eki, just go to the Tourist Information center and ask for a time sheet/which bus stop to go to. Although the brochure advises you to observe from afar, the caretaker didn't say anything when I was within touch distance of the monkeys. Monkeys were running around 1-2 feet away from my legs, one of them actually hugged my friend's leg. Then it started to urinate.
  2. My guess is that there are more drivers on the road due to less snow, therefor raising the number of accidents on the road.
  3. What airlines did you fly phool? I flew Singapore out of LAX to NRT a couple weeks back, had a snowboard bag packed with a board, boots, bindings, and tons of clothes. Weighed 23.2 kilos at the counter, the girl didn't say a thing. She just asked where my other check in was, which I did not have. 20kg is supposed to be the limit though, with 32 being the max with a charge.
  4. Taken sunday. Wish I knew how fast I was going by the bottom of the run.
  5. Nozawa Onsens got some good snow falling at this very moment. Nice big flakes. Will take pics tomorrow.
  6. Good site. Thanks a lot! I received the same information, to go from Nozawa to Nagano to Matsumoto and then to Hakuba, but the site gives a confusing route; 15:23 NOZAWA % 103min JR Banetsu-sai Line 13min 17:06 17:19 NIITSU % 43min JR Shinetsu Line 530min 18:02 18:03 NAGAOKA Reserved seat ¥310 % 57min JR Shinetsu Line 8min 19:00 19:08 NAOETSU ¥4620 % 36min JR Hokuriku Line 16min 19:44 20:00 ITOIGAWA % 59min
  7. So I have got a JR rail pass, and I am currently in Tokyo, Asakusa to be exact. Can someone tell me how to get to Nozawa Onsen? And from Nozawa, to Hakuba? I did a bit of research, but had little success since I have a very basic understanding of Japanese, and I cannot read Kanji to save my life. I have some train names, but thats up in my room. But it was somewhere like Nagano, to Morimoto, to JR Nozawa Onsen. But from Nozawa Onsen to Hakuba, I have basically no idea. Can anyone help? Thanks Here, or hiiambang@docomo.ne.jp, would be great. Thanks.
  8. Anyone up for hitting the slopes and then the fire festival on monday? Traveling solo, will be at Lodge Nozawa. http://www.snowjapan.com/e/hotel/viewhotel.php?hotid=110 My phone address; hiiambang@docomo.ne.jp . Let me know.
  9. I actually just got a phone from docomo yesterday, i paid about $45 USD for the phone, charger, and activation. At the end of the month, $5 activation. At the end of the month, it should be another $40 for unlimited text and 20yen/minute of 200 for unlimited text and 20yen/minute of 2000 yen for calls. The text was only $2. You set up an email for the phone, mine is hiiambang" email for the phone, mine is hiiambang@docomo.ne.jp the phone for instance. you can email it through regular email, or my sister has even texted me through her US phone. Just dont get ripped off on your rental. I che
  10. Im in japan for one month, by myself, with a rail pass. I have my snowboard gear, and a backpack. I am currently in Tochigi, with an open schedule. Anyone out there i can ride with? Im going to hit Nagano, but I have no set date. I want to go to Hakuba, and I would like to be in Nozawa for the fire festival. I prefer staying at the backpackers, dorms, or something reasonable. My schedule is open, and I would just like someone to ride with. Anyone down?
  11. Kneepads may be helpful when learning to boxes and rails, as one can easily try to carve on the box and find out they weren't suppose to do that. Wristguards may be helpful when learning how to jump, as one can miss the landing ramp and try to use their wrists to break the fall. A helmet can help in an accident occuring from all types of situations. A butt pad/crash pad/hip pad/whatever you would like to call it can also help in different areas of the sport. Head, neck, and tailbone injuries are the most severe, so I'd definitely recommend protecting those areas.
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