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  1. Actually came across this and had me rolling. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbJGzyYV_X8&feature=player_embedded# epic tv fail word to the wise, always have a backup machine when showcasing a new product, and a tech guy on hand . Looks like the driver for the touch screen either stopped responding or became corrupted=no touch screen function. But for all wondering, windows 7 is an extremely stable platform. But, there are still issues with drivers and software that wont install properly from vista or xp. Overall it is a major improvement over vista. Simple
  2. been on windows 7 (english os version) here for about 7-8 months. Not a single problem with it since switching over. The 64bit version will handle over 3gb of ram but the size of the o/s is extremely large. I still prefer the 32bit as most applications are still built for it. Not free thursday, but if you know the right person, it is easy to get a copy of it.
  3. sure thing dumbstick, If you have use two or more monitors, screen resolutions may differ between them. Some monitors have many different resolutions and no tuning is required, but others are sometimes limited. So for my example at home: 17inch(laptop) and a 32 inch(tv). My tv could not support the same higher resolution that my PC could. This would cause the screen on the TV to have black borders around it or in other terms have the tv image condensed. I had to set the pc resolution to what I normal use 1280x800 and my tv output was set lower 1024x768 if I recall correctly. The ma
  4. yes will work follow the youtube link and you just hook up your second monitor via hdmi and then go into the display properties and setup either clone or extend desktop to second display. Most computers have either ATI or NVIDIA chipsets so just get the manager software and no worries. If your screen resolution is different for the second monitor, just have it seperate from your pc. Only applies if you get letterboxing problems.
  5. here is a good youtube vid that will help explain it. For Desktop PC's it is usually easier then laptops. Laptop users, there are a few solutions. If your Laptop has 2 outputs then just plugging in the monitors is all that is needed. Mine has a HDMI and VGA outputs. 2nd is as above. docking stations that have additional outputs. 3rd is a USB solutions. There are many aftermarket video cards that will plug in through a usb port. Not normally great for high end users though. Best solution I came across is a small projector. Got rid of my 32inch lcd TV and went
  6. Not new technology, been around for ages. Ever notice large events that have multiple screens meshed together, The VJ (visual Jockey) controls the output to the screens and can either make them independant or work as a whole as 1 screen. But for home use, Most I seen people using was 4 screens at once for gaming. Gives a more natural 16:9 aspect ratio, or wider field of view. Great for simulation games like flight sims, or First person shooters. For this application, its 2 indiviual (usually high end) video graphics cards that allow for upto 4 screens. Then from there its all so
  7. Its been good to me when I used it. I got it from the U.S and shipped over. I needed something that was extremely light as I needed to take it on the trains (before I had a car for work). Now that I have my Cannondale gemini, I havent rebuilt the trek, still in pieces. My cannondale weighs almost 3x the weight of the trek when the trek was built. The trek frame with the aluminum subframe weighes in at about 5-6 pounds with a shock mounted. Sturdy frame design on those even though its an older model.
  8. Hey thurs. I would recommend checking in on yahoo auctions. There are some killer deals to be found. I got a full downhill rig for about 100000 yen. Got it from someone in osaka. L frame and looked like it wasnt even ridden. Shipping was dirt cheap. You can usually find at least a frame and build it up on your own specs for way less then a full built bike. I have a slew of new/near new parts also if your interested. Have a trek Y 22 carbon fiber frame setup also. Could be built up for either a lightweight city ride or light trail rig.
  9. back on topic, Number 1 offense: Parents that have their young ones bouncing around in their cars and have their faces stuck to the front windshield while driving.
  10. The tachyon XC is only 150USD I was planning on getting one. Single unit that attaches to anything. Also they have the brand in Japan.
  11. Kinda understandable if its a company lacking any form of English support. Probably a spam filter as computers dont care where your from in the world and can flood your inbox from anywhere. I will always try to put in my half arsed kanji message with a English translation at the bottom. (note: putting their language first) I did once email to an MAJOR American based company with a branch in Japan in full english and got a sort of snobby and lengthy reply back in ENGLISH!!!, that they dont support any other language then Japanese. All my question required at that time was either
  12. last year a guy of ours lost a brand new zepplin board with new bindings on his first day out with it. he was gone for a matter of a minute and came out and the board went MIA. So the group of us waited at the bottom in chance that someone else had taken it (by mistake or purpose) When all was said and done, We found a guy that was trying to get on the lift. We pulled him aside and it turned out that, he had the same board, but catch this, the bindings were the same make but different color and the base of the board was likewise a different color then that of this guy. It was a
  13. Not normally the case but it could be a bad battery pack too. What does the documentation for your computer (internet is a good search too) say on the battery life. But otherwise, Li-on batteries do not require full discharges. They are designed to have no memory. Older batteries if you did not cycle them with full charges and only charged to say 80 percent many times, the battery would accept the 80 percent as the new 100 percent. I.E. you lose 20 percent storage capacity of the battery. The clock internal battery does not draw any noticeable amount of current to drain a main l
  14. Dec 18th to Jan 14th here. Seem to be busier now on vacation then when I actually work.
  15. Yeah quite a bit of games I have collected, but now that I have taken up Dj-ing and have had a few gigs and now got a gig to do up in Akakura for new years, so when I am not working I am practicing. besides the winter is ahead, it was last powered on about a month ago to upgrade to the NXE dashboard and play around a bit but starting to realize that not into gaming much. The issue with a percentage of the nex-gen consoles failure is partly due to the amount of power they use which creates heat. The 360 for example can get hot enough to cook an egg on it (I imagine the same for the
  16. Was pretty fond of my 360, have around 100 games for it but no time to play anymore, Just about time to find it a new home as I would only play for about an hour or so at any given time.
  17. E9 is the earthquake/tip over error, AKA the gaijin kick-OFF method. I actually had a adult lesson student ask me if all foreigners kick the heater to turn it off instead of properly turning it off. Got a laugh on that one. If the sensor gets jammed it wont work properly. They work off the same principle of pinball machines. I have not taken the liberty to tear one apart to see how they tick, but I would say its nearly impossible to jam it. E4 is the general one if I remember correctly. Could be a couple of problems, The air intake filter dirty and not getting enough fresh air or m
  18. How a board is waxed is primarly up to the end user. For my all-around board (where I dont use it in the park usually) I will spend more time on the waxing efforts. Do a full wax after 1-2 days of riding. scraped clean and scotchbrite. I use the same scotchbrite as it builds up with wax and moves around the boards wax to give it a nice finish. Total time 20-30min. For the park board, A quick hot-wax and quick scrape finalized with a very quick buff from the scotchbrite. I leave a bit more wax on the base to protect on the boxes and rails. Unless your a pro rider looking to r
  19. Best bet is to make some friends real quick, Many people will offer up spare rooms in homes all around Japan for backpackers, usually better deals than that of hotels. There are always people listing rooms for rent. Either from local word of mouth or the internet.
  20. your going to run into a delicate situation which will probably cost way too much in the end with decent to poor results depending on who does your board. Graphics are on a laminate sheet that goes below the gel coat when the board is pressed. Its not impossible to get paint to stick to the gel-coat but you would need to do a good sanding over the board 220grit and work your way up to 2000 grit. If your laying paint, You would have to lay a fine layer of paint (most likely a airbrush) on the board as a heavy coat will crack due to the stess of the board as it flexes. Usually there are
  21. There are ways to get the titles you want both legally and not so legal. Main point stated was that DL media far outweighs having the physical disc in my opinion, which differs from person to person. For example, I would rather watch season 4 of Prison break on a weekly basis now then to have to wait for seaon 3 to be released here and another year before season 4 is released. The fact is that the internet is mainstream around the world, and media can be transferred faster than that of having the physical media (disc). This also cuts down on waste which is better for the envir
  22. Got a steadily growing collection of vinyl. But thats part of the game as a DJ. I enjoy spinning vinyl over cdj's as its a better quality of sound, and the roots of becoming a good DJ, but the organizing and labeling (BPM) is a chore besides the space needed to store all the albums. Thats where I favor my CDJ's Compact, digital tagging / organizing to my liking for easy accessablity. I try to spend more time on vinyl as I see it more difficult to mix with, though I am still in the learning curve, from what I learned on records seems to make my digital mixing alot easier.
  23. Internet download content, Save all the cash and flash for something more valuable. I myself cant see having tons of disc laying around as I watch something and then have no interest in it after I have seen it. Download / watch / delete from HDD / repeat process. Cost is the price of my ISP per month. Also with the delay of titles from western countries on disc is a issue. I can get the latest titles usually the same day they are released. Also BR movies can be found on the net and can be played on most modern computers as BR movies take quite a bit of processing power from a c
  24. Also if you want to keep the item within Japan, You could go the route of Yahoo auctions. I buy items frequently and will get into the selling of items soon also. Mainly my sony PSP's I rebuild. I find that many people are wary of sending items from diffrent countries. There is the delay in recieving money if sending a M/O and the worry if the item will ever get shipped once that person selling the item has recieved the money. I use ebay at a mininum now as it takes alot longer to recieve items along with the incredible shipping charges (from the US) I have purchased from Yahoo
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