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  1. haha yeah i tried that a couple times too. ended up sleeping in a bus shelter in Edinburgh and nearly loosing the bottom half of my body to frostbite! think i'm gunna have to bite the bullet and pay up. gunna kill the bank balance though. gunna be back at work sooner than i hoped! thanks anyway guys.
  2. Thanks to you guys who are trying to help! appreciate it. just wanna say that i've been travelling the world for the last 2 years and i didn't do it all by spending big bucks everywhere i went. sometimes you have to sacrifice things like beer and nice food to go places but there is more to life then getting pissed up and fat. i realise japan is expensive. i realise it is an expensive place to go at that time of year. and i realise my limited budget makes things hard. but hey, thats life and i'm gunna do it anyway and see how i go. Wazzas World and Woodpeckers both sound good but I g
  3. hey guys. me and a mate are gunna be in Niseko from 29/12/08-12/01/09 and need some accomodation. Have looked through this website and sent emails off etc but all the cheapest places (hostels and pensions) are booked out and even these are fairly pricy. Is there anywhere else to stay in the area. We have hardly any money to spend but I dont need (or want) all the western luxuries and i'm happy to sleep anywhere as long as its warm and I can dry my gear. any one got any ideas or know of anyone who might want to share an apartment?? Cheers. Dools
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