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  1. pie-eater's delicate commentating is just too subtle for snowdude's radar!
  2. Videos quickly eat it up. I went over my allocation last month and normal browsing and email seems totally unaffected. Videos were a different matter though. That is a much better set up than them charging for extra bytes though.
  3. Yes lovely morning. Going to get a bit warmer. In fact, I saw on tv yesterday they were saying that November and December will be slightly towards warmer than usual.
  4. Calmed down after the really bad conditions yesterday. Felt cold out for the first time really.
  5. Probably a good idea. Though I can sort see the appeal - a day out, nice drive, bit of sliding, eating and onsen. It's what you make it I suppose.
  6. Point aside, what a horrible job. I'm sure there might be a bit of fun in port, but the main bit. Yikes, no thanks.
  7. I'm sure Apple marketing will be very clever but they ain't going to get me interested.
  8. Can't quite believe how this September has been too. It's usually hot through the month, but definitely cooled down for a while now. Not complaining of course.
  9. It sure will be interesting to see how things change next season once the shink is established. Yuzawa is certainly more "compact" than this area.
  10. Probably not much that helps us know when to expect these things.
  11. I'm pretending to try and lose weight but not being very successful at it. Still, time left before winter.
  12. Just notice this one. Thanks MO. Not sure I'd take a trip myself, but must be good in mid summer heat madness.
  13. Thank you! I suppose I'll print out the PDF file and fill that in to speed that up further.
  14. Sounds like a good idea, though personally I'd do the 10 in Yuzaws and 5 in Minakami.
  15. I have another Costco question! I see you can apply online but it's unclear as to when the membership would start. I want to "join" the day (or as close to the day) as when I first use it. Can you just go and apply and get it done 'on the day' and let's shopping?
  16. I like the outdoor drinking beer bit, not so much the camping! Hoping to get up a few mountains as well during autumn. Maybe even Madarao. Apparently, you can see Hakuba from there!
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