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  1. iiyamadude

    Questions about site updates

    Good luck. I'm so hoping for a return to normal in terms of snow this year, and plan to take advantage of it!
  2. iiyamadude

    Go To Travel coupons

    Good question that. Knowing how much a friend working in a hotel is complaining about the complexity of the Go To thing, which has been going on for over a month, I bet ski areas themselves don't know!!
  3. iiyamadude

    Is Nagano city a good place to stay...

    I would suggest choosing two bases, close to lifts, and splitting your time between them. If you wish to visit Nagano city, do that at the beginning/end/in the middle. I like not having to drive 45 minutes to get to the ski lifts in a morning.
  4. iiyamadude

    Looking for good Powder for learning

    It is lovely. ;)
  5. "Seeing 2 or 3 parallel chair lifts from the 80 ish makes me really wonder how bad it was back then. " I always find myself being rather puzzled when I see those too! Though now often just one of the two is moving (can't quite recall where but have noticed in a few places...) It was a 'boom', unrealistically popular. Booms are always a very fragile thing here in Japan.
  6. iiyamadude

    Looking for good Powder for learning

    I like Cortina. But so do lots of other people and it isn't massive. Have you considered Nozawa. Still a popular place but bigger. Not many gate systems in Japan like the one in Niseko, but there is often plenty of powder in peak season - so really many places will probably make you happy.
  7. Good point. (And worrying too). Season starts do seem to be later and 'spring' does seem to start earlier.
  8. I have experienced really great snow conditions many times in Japan. But my best two have to be a day about 5 years ago in Myoko and then a few years ago in Shiga Kogen up at Okushiga/Yakebitaiyama.
  9. Hi! Not as question as such, hope that is ok! I have decided to have one last day of the season and Kagura in Yuzawa is the place. I plan to be going on Monday. So if anyone else is going or thinking of going, let's meet up. I'll be at Mitsumata Ropeway for the first lift of the day. Let's Kagura.
  10. iiyamadude

    A trip to Hakuba and Nozawa

    Car or not is a big deal I think Spectralskier, especially if you plan on being in Nozawa and want to check out the other great places nearby (Myoko/Madarao/etc)
  11. iiyamadude

    Ueda (Nagano) next season - recommendations

    Closer by: Sugadaira is actually within the boundaries of Ueda city, but it's not everyone's taste. You can also go south towards Tateshina and the ski hills over there and east over towards Komoro/Saku/Karuizawa. Lots of choice with a car.
  12. iiyamadude

    Thank you SnowJapan

    Swish new area! Gambatte.
  13. iiyamadude

    Ski gear & ski wear rental - at the ski resort?

    Definitely less of the cheap by the side of the road places - round here anyway (Iiyama/Nagano). There used to be tons of them. But unless you are going to some small obscure place, they will almost certainly have rental gear for you to use. If you have very large feet (by that I mean 29cm+) you may have some problems finding boots.
  14. Kumanoyu also used to be skiers only but opened up for boarders. As did Okushiga Kogen too. You probably know this but you need to get a bus to reach Kumanoyu/Yokoteyama as they are not lift linked up to the rest of the Shiga Kogen ski areas.
  15. iiyamadude

    Tokyo Sky Tree

    pie-eater's delicate commentating is just too subtle for snowdude's radar!
  16. iiyamadude

    Beer 2014

    Whats that called in Japanese tubby?
  17. Videos quickly eat it up. I went over my allocation last month and normal browsing and email seems totally unaffected. Videos were a different matter though. That is a much better set up than them charging for extra bytes though.
  18. iiyamadude

    Morning Greetings!

    Yes lovely morning. Going to get a bit warmer. In fact, I saw on tv yesterday they were saying that November and December will be slightly towards warmer than usual.
  19. iiyamadude

    Morning Greetings!

    Calmed down after the really bad conditions yesterday. Felt cold out for the first time really.
  20. Probably a good idea. Though I can sort see the appeal - a day out, nice drive, bit of sliding, eating and onsen. It's what you make it I suppose.
  21. Point aside, what a horrible job. I'm sure there might be a bit of fun in port, but the main bit. Yikes, no thanks.
  22. iiyamadude


    I'm sure Apple marketing will be very clever but they ain't going to get me interested.


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