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  1. Ah, but perhaps they do jet-ski rentals at that on the map?
  2. I see on Android you are in the 100-500 downloads category - well done. Like the updates. I will give you a special contrags gurn.
  3. Does ramen in Japan resemble ramen in China?
  4. I missed out last season for one reason and another. Will be in Japan this next winter though, so hope to make the most of that. No fixed up plans yet.
  5. Here's one I have from Uniqlo. It was indeed the most unfashionable/dadai one I could find.
  6. The boys won. After all, they have the singing marvels of Smap, Exile and Kinki Kids to rely on.
  7. Sebastian Vettel - who? Timo Glock - who? Nico Rosberg - who? Heikki Kovalainen -who? Sebastien Buemi - who? Sebastien Bourdais - who? Adrian Sutil - who? Kazuki Nakajima - who?
  8. Those people who don't and have kids - would you have your kids wear one?
  9. I wear a helmet because I think it protects my head. Simple as that. Not because it looks good/bad. Up to everyone and anyone to decide if they want to wear one but I am glad when I see kids out there using them.
  10. Originally Posted By: The Skiing Lawyer Quote: Funny that its because of the problem gaijin, of course not the Japanese tourists. But do Japanese tourists visit it? Like someone else mentioned in the pieces I have seen on tv in the last few days, almost all of the people looking on were foreigners. Not many. It is almost all foreigners (the two times I have been and on other accounts I hear) and so the 'foreigner' angle is justified.
  11. Some of those guys should enter gurning competitions.
  12. Love a cuppa that flavour needs to flood out.
  13. I haven't been around for a while, but hope mine would have gotten a few votes
  14. Many is the day I don't spend anything - probably less than half of days I get the wallet out.
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