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  1. Hey guys Im currently residing in Japan on a 12month working visa from Australia. I've secured work at Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort in Nagano. Is there anyone on here thats worked here before or even boarded there at all? Any feedback would be cool. Cheers guys!
  2. I couldnt find the classified section so if possible someone can move this to the correct area. But basicly I need the following stuff soon as possible and Im on a budget, can anyone help me out. Pants size Im a size 32 (inches) and boot size Im an 11 US. Im 6 foot tall and weigh 75kgs so Im not sure what size board I would need. Helpppppp? If anyones got any of this stuff they want to part with, please let me know. Cheers
  3. Dude there is no bar or clubs or shops.. Theres no houses only these little shacks that are falling apart. Why did I come here? I guess because Im in love of 6 years. And no not married yet. I didnt WANT to live in this place but I have no choice, at this point in time I have to. We have to take a 65min train ride every 3rd day to get food. Belive me theres other places in Japan I would love to be, but at the moment Im dealing with the cards dealt.
  4. Guys im in shimobe in yamanashi. population of 456. There is no one here. I mean no one. its a small town in the mountains. Dont get me wrong its beautiful but im in the middle of nowhere, my gf got a job from the government teaching english so i decided to come along. Ill post some pics tommorow so you get a fair idea of where im at, all i can do is put these 100 yen coins in the machine and smack every last kirin I can out of it.
  5. dude me and girl are going to tokyo this next weekend shes picking up one of her girlfriends from the airport. you busy? wouldnt mind getting some snow gear and a few things, where abouts in tokyo you at? we are booking the hotel tommorow night
  6. I hope so, its such a beautiful place! I'm just spewing I havent seen a monkey yet.. that sucks.
  7. Hey guys moved to Japan for 12 months and got here 2 weeks ago, Im bored as hell waiting for some powder. I live in Yamanashi, anyone else from this area and wanna hit up Kofu this weekend - a know a great club there called The Vault if anyones interested.. you can also help me find a place to buy fireworks and snow gear!
  8. Hey Kath, I just flew from Syd to Narita. But I flew with Jetstar. As for the bus service. You can purchase a ticket outside the aiport with a limousine bus service, how ever be warned they dont speak very good english at the half a dozen bus ticket places.
  9. Hey guys Im finally here. I'm living in a place called Shimobe, Minobu, Yamanashi. Some what near Mt Fuji. Its really beautiful, mountains everywhere except its soooo hot at the moment. Bleh. Bring on winter!
  10. Thanks Mama! Ill keep everyone posted.. next time I speak to you guys Ill most likely be in a hotel room in Osaka!
  11. Dude dont say that!!! I can give em shit for all the epic powder I got though? Cant I?!
  12. I'm so used to doing our local gold coast handshake which I guess you could compare to some sort of american ghetto handshake. I'm used to giving 'knuckles' when asked for it. Hah something Ill have to get used to I guess!
  13. Hahahahah ill keep that in mind. I was thinking of joining the Yakuza, the more violent I get.. the better right?
  14. That is soooooo good to know, very comforting. I just cant wait to get over there!! One more question when I arrive and meet people do I shake hands or put them together and bow?? Is it rude to shake hands?
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