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  1. I think many people in danger now with conditions like it is currently. MAny people put themself in danger without realise it. Be careful everyone.
  2. That is great news. He'll be teaching you soon maybe. (Where are all your other good photo you had before I think? I wanted to see them)
  3. Your best bet is to check the reports here: http://www.snowjapan.com/e/daily/yuzawa-now.php Kagura will opening on this Saturday. But expect quite busy!
  4. On our local tv, we have one caster who almost never looking at camera - always reading. And another one who is almost always look at camera. Both seems kinda strange when looking for one time. I wonder which is best and most common.
  5. I like making mochi, it's fun - eating it is even more fun!
  6. A subset? I hope my daughter don't want to be like that.
  7. On television last night they had feature about new warning system - it gives you some seconds after quake before shaking. It seems interesting but I'm not sure how would people react with it?
  8. I often tty to take an extra day off when like this - last week I took Friday day off and had 4 days. It makes a big difference.
  9. Yes they do. Crusts are not popular. I enjoyed the crusts when I was overseas.
  10. Good to see the oyaji group being so active and 元気 
  11. I saw below picture in oo\'s gallery and wonder where everyone is! Looks like nice weather as well. I wish resorts so empty when Iwent there.
  12. That does sound interesting. I would love to try it myself I need to find companion to go with me first I suppose!
  13. My friend was going yesterday, he works for Konami. That Revolution controller looks interesting, they are trying to do for tv game same as DS is for handheld.
  14. Which do you prefer for telling time or reading? Many time if I see 1900 hours, still I convert for 7pm.
  15. Yes it is almost like the 2nd rainy season of the year this month.
  16. Anyone on here able for voting in todays election?
  17. It will all depend on job, holiday, money... but I hope to get as much as I can this year. Gambasimasu!
  18. Definitely possible with BA. This one wasn't even their worker I hear. On news it was 95% of long haul flight working normal today. I think they have terrible reputation.
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