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  1. The worst thing I saw was a colleague have heart attack at work. It killed him. Quite shocking. Everyone was in the room when happended.
  2. I see they have decided to go ahead with 4th Indiana Jones. I liked those movies, they were fun, but Ford is getting on a bit now I think... ~~ Director George Lucas says the fourth instalment in the Indiana Jones film series will start next year. Lucas said he and Steven Spielberg had recently finalised the script, and promised it was "the best one yet". Actor Harrison Ford will return as the titular star of the film, which is due to hit cinemas in May 2008.
  3. Prices and not developing like ipod things quick enough each time new one.
  4. Suddenly on the news I saw it last night. It was a very strange feeling seeing the video of the Saddam Hussein hanging on tv news and those people with like bank-robber masks around him. Sorry my English not good enough to explain my feeling.
  5. Mine for this year would perhaps be 良 It has been a good year in general for my family and I.
  6. How long did it take you to do Mr Wiggles? And are you a "car person" who knows a lot about them? Thanks.
  7. How do you rate Japanese rice compared to another rice or are they too different to compare well? I am interested to try another rice. I remember trying once in States and I thought it was not good and also very dry. But maybe just the one I had. Which is good.
  8. Autumn season is always very welcome when it arrive.
  9. Did anyone here ski in some south america country? Next year I have chance to work in Argentina or Mexico for 6 month.
  10. I saw it. It is interesting to hear them speak like that when they thought the mike was off.
  11. Roho did foolish thing. Unfortunately, some people I think don't like the success of foreign sumo wrestler. This kind of story give them good story.
  12. This morning on tv there was something about facilities in Yubari. They said there was a theme park with rollercoaster and they could see only 1 guest. The rolloerocoaster had 18 people riding in 1 day. Also an animal museum (stuffed animal museum!) with nobody entering and a Robot Museum. Something again about these facilities made because of using up budget and for not good reason.
  13. I saw something I think about this on tv. They also said something about drugs and other criminal activity. It was very biased I think.
  14. So many people don't have secure settings. If you are in city you don't need own account probably!
  15. I know someone who used stove last night. I had my aircon on.
  16. The demand for that kind of thing is so much small than winter sports. I saw report about Hakkai I think in Niigata that do biking and very few people do it it is not major.
  17. Look at this http://www.gamevideos.com/video/id/4633 Some people have too much time I think!
  18. I tried this one Frankenheim and really like it. My local place don't have many German beer
  19. Has it always been like that or just recent times?
  20. I think when September come, many people are just tired of ongoing hot weather and so feels worse.
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