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  1. ....will be my year. I can just feel it!
  2. I was just watching an article on the news about some place that is throwing up community centers, museums and onsen facilities that are apparently not needed and losing ichiokuen a month - just for the sake of them using their budgets so they'll get more next year. Where I live there is this huge new onsen facility thing that is just totally out of place and when I have been there hardly anyone there. It does seem such a waste, and even though it is new it looks awful and doesn't fit in. Anything near you that is one of these "lets use up the money" projects?
  3. Your students can discuss things like that? They sound like quite advanced!
  4. One thing I really hate is suddenly by accident finding yourself at the top of some huge moguls with no alternative but to go down them. I was in that situation at Nozawa this season - you know those huge moguls on the left hand side as you look at the mountain. Way way big.
  5. I just got one which I thought was more than a bit strange: "Your neighbours lost their alarm clock"
  6. OK here goes. Sorry for the delay. It took a full day and we went round about 7 different places. They told me to not eat anything at all before starting. Anyway, they pick me up, introduce me to the staff (cameraman, lights, director (?), and presenter) and we're off. They hadn't told me where I would be going before the day but gave me a list and brief explanation early on. The first place
  7. Well I haven't seen what they have edited it down to (itll be a week or so) but it was a right laugh, with just a few minor problems. Not got time to go into it now, will be back soon with more.
  8. He has his own tv channel on skyperfect too - is that full of the serious of seriously-stupid Takeshi? He gets on my nerves the few times I've seen him, though Sanma gets on my nerves more.
  9. Well it looks like they did use to have the fun lifts. There's some on some of these pics of Yuzawa http://www.snowjapan.com/e/features/features-82.html
  10. It's actually on Friday, I'm practicing all my oishii phrases and contorted face-pulling techniques. Anyway I will report next week.
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