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  1. Could have done with more than the one trip, so 6/10 overall. The trip itself, 8/10. Mad fun.
  2. Just had 12 days in France in one place and enjoyed it. Admittedly large large area so it took a long time to find it all out anyway but it was good to get to know a place really well.
  3. 12. But not in Japan. In France. I am hopefully back in Japan in September.
  4. Can't find a pic but anyone remember the "Fish & Chips" savoury snacks. They were good.
  5. Lift queues Karaoke boxes Group ski lessons Food in the resort restaurants Ropes to keep me in SNOW
  6. Ronaldo is going nowhere, he will be in a United shirt come August. If he thinks he can come out and say he wants a move to the press before Fergie and the club themselves, he is either seriously thick or thick skinned or just plain nuts. It's a non story, I'm sure of it. He'll probably move next summer or the one after that but for now, he stays.
  7. Quote: My hair Short hair? Other way round for me. Good fish&chips
  8. Here it is, I thought you could see more of a road but you can't really http://www.snowjapan.tv/view_video.php?viewkey=6bfb47701cbc8a1653ad
  9. I remember seeing a vid of kagura just before the snow season on the tv site.
  10. Definitely. Fantastic product, it seriously could not be better.
  11. I had one last night - like it. Nice. Could do with being bigger, but that is always solved by a cunning plan I have. Warning, spoiler! Get 2!
  12. Has anyone mentioned fish and chips? Great.
  13. Other places have started doing similar as well. They are mind-blowingly bad. They must think they are effective though I suppose.
  14. That man is a nutter. Has anyone ever sued him? Can you sue The Royals?
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