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  1. It'll totally own ipad, iphone and googles financial results in the internet news stakes, for sure.
  2. They're just like little cute cabbages!
  3. "big internet developments" is a bit of an overly grand subject line don't you think?
  4. Hi Lurking for a while, taken the step to join in. Was looking at spooks post about being in Myoko for a month and his sweet photos and made a comment but thought it would make a decent topic, sorry if this has been covered before. I like trying out lots of different places and maybe spending a day or up to a few in each - then moving on to the next. I can see the appeal of really getting to know one particular place but would rather get lots of changes in scnery and check out lots of different places. I suppose that might change once I know many places. What you like?
  5. Sweet. Spent 4 days there and really enjoyed it. Not sure about a month myself, I prefer to go to lots of places rather than be based somewhere, but you seemed to have had a rockin' time.
  6. How did you get to do that Black Mountain if you don't mind me asking?
  7. Me too. Been lurking fo a while but thought it was time to join in.
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