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  1. Anyone here ever taken a ski/board lesson in Japanese at a resort school in Japan (even though you can't speak Japanese so well). I'm curious as to whether it would be a complete embarrasing waste of time or not.
  2. Good for skiers, as others have said. Not an huge challenge, but some good long runs there to enjoy. Not the best of Japan, but definitely worth a look.
  3. The (in)famous Tenjindaira hey. Tell is more - lots of powdery snow?
  4. Recently been making more, but pretty simple stuff. Too tired to put much effort into it. Restaurants are the easiest option, but I try not to go more than 3 times a week.
  5. On the telly just now they said that US citizens around the world have been put on "high alert" today....
  6. All I know - ARAI have a great childrens facilities over in Niigata and in Yuzawa, NASPA have a childrens room (thats a skiing only resort though so not much use if you're a boarder).
  7. Got to make the most of it haven't you. I usually try to miss the Japanese lunch hour (copyright) - why oh why do they all seem to go to lunch together???
  8. Not an expert but I think this might be near right: Shiga Kogen area Nozawa Zao Happo ??
  9. Or not? Seems theres been a lot of warm weather and rain round over the last week, don't know if its worth going all the way up there to be disappointed. Cheers
  10. Kiji does look cool doesnt it - all out on its own hill. I love the Shiga K region, runs whereve you look.
  11. Try to get here as early as possible. Some of the places are open until early May, but best to try to get here as soon as you can for the best chance of decent snow conditions./
  12. Its not a case of screwing your buddies - more a case of why would you want to be bothered taking hooking up and using a PC when you're on holiday in the snow?
  13. Why Yokohama? Apart from I live there....the city itself, the nightlife, the people, my friends, Chinatown, loads of other things. Why do you like anything?
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