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  1. Yo, so ppl havent reached their dream jobs..., But what is your dream job??
  2. the other day my whole family went out and everyone expected that each other had locked the back door, i got home and it was wide open..... i mean wide open.... the dumb dog hadnt even gone inside...!!! we leave our windows open but lock the doors...!!?!?! mmm?!??!
  3. That IS CRAZY!!!!!! 58 different Languages!!!!!! tis just UNBeLIEVEABLE!! i cant even think of 58 different lanugauges to learn!!!
  4. so everyone in the city turns off the lights... is this everynight? it musnt be?? would turing off the lights for just 1 night help?? mmm...??
  5. That is one MASSIVE post dude!! by the way is NHL Ice hockey? i gather it is since grass hockey isnt popular!
  6. I figured everyone on this forum would what to be "pro - snowboarder/skiier"
  7. mmm.... It seems to me that its pretty common in japan to have a AC or central heating unit in your house/unit? I have only ever come across 1 person who had a AC unit in their home and she was american and "couldn't live with out it!" All the places i have worked had AC but my house... we have bout 3 ceiling fans... (one in my bed room one in the parents room and the living room... all the other rooms have windows galore!!) Theres nothing better than a cool breeze blowing in the doors.... but when that cool breeze becomes hot... Wack the fan on HI and were chillin....
  8. All animal cruelty is horrid. Bull fighting, animal testing, the sick ppl in china who use bears for their "bile" (sp?).... Im a vego - it used to be for other reasons but its more and more creeping towards the animal cruelty. The farms who feed their chickens genecticly modified food to make the grow faster. The slaughter houses that shoot their animals in the head with a Bolt... (cheap nasty so they can re-use the bolt) its all just nasty.... An as for bull to bull fights i dont know i havent seen one but if its anything like the running of the bulls in barcelona or the rodeos
  9. another one to add to my list is yuki's wish the to be able to speak different languages.... would be very handy.... but we can all keep wishing!
  10. I know that everyone has or had a dream job.... Mine was to be a toy inventer.... or an animator Im certainly far from them in fact I doubt i'll ever be either of the.... But is anyone in their Childhood dream job?
  11. i had to c what u boys were talking about i got 10400 first go.... someone has way to much time on their hands....
  12. I must say i aggree with ocean .... get flows... I have had them all long and they live up to their reputation!!
  13. amandanism thats what i was aiming towards!! thats a perfect description of karma, again i wish it happen more often...
  14. oh i wish we had fire flys over here? i dont think that we have them well at least i havent ever seen them?? we used to have a toy called a glow worm they were cool, cuddly toys that the bums light up... "I wish i was a glow worm, a glow worms ever glum, cause how can you be grumpy, when the sunshines out your bum!"
  15. i gotta add my list to this topic... my 1st sunnies were Oakley Jackets (cream)... they broke my 2nd sunnies were Arnette Catfish (pearl light blue)... 3rd Black flys Mirco flys (red)... 4th Black flys Fly girls (silver) they were stolen i went back to my arnettes then they broke 5th Why ... they sucked chipped 6th Arnette Deuces! QUALITY!
  16. AC sucks... its always too hot or too cold.... theres never a nice medium....
  17. not "still" going but nearly going....!! only 8 days till we hit perisher!! Hell YEA!
  18. I gotta say "S" as well. or "G" is very very nice to write... cause theres so many differnt ways of writing it!! I like writing lower case "d" aswell!!!!
  19. karma.... yeah i believe in karma... i wish it worked more offen!!! If someone does somthing nasty to you then "karma" will get them back... (some say times 2) meaning that something nasty will happen to them (i would be nice if it taught them a lesson but u cant have everything) ???
  20. danz i aggree 8mile wasnt as good as the hype made it out to be...!! but KUNG POW was Horriable i turned that off after like 2mins!! Argh
  21. 1. unlimited plane ticket and accomodation around the world 2. a money tree 3.to find the answer to inner peace and happiness
  22. I used to have the arnette catfishs they broke after 6 years! they were sturdy as! now i have arnette deuces they are the same as the catfish but they are smaller, nice!
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