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  1. hmm the cynics are out in force. If you don't deeply analyse the movie, criticizing, critiquing and drawing parallels you will enjoy a thoroughly entertaining 2.5 hours. I thought it was brilliant - not perfect, but lots of fun. If Star Wars came out today, it would be exactly the same, the same intellectual types would draw parallels to the USA and the Empire and the rebel alliance slash taliban/Palestinians blah blah blah etc etc knocking and bashing it. Jeez just sit back and be entertained once in a while.
  2. Originally Posted By: bobby12 I use a Britta filter, dont like the taste of the water here. Brita are good temporary filters, get yourself a tap filter if you use it daily in your house. You will save quite a bit in the long run.
  3. hmm two eunuchs in the male members of the forum and quite a few prudes in the other half. Chicks who dont mind the porn are usually the cool down to earth fun loving types
  4. "Chris Bray, director of one of the country's oldest graphic design companies, Logo Design, said, after seeing the logo: "I don't understand what it is...oh I see...it makes a rather pathetic 2012. Well that's rubbish isn't it." His feelings were echoed by design guru Stephen Bayley, founder of the Design Museum, who said: "It is a puerile mess, an artistic flop and a commercial scandal. It is feeble. It was a wonderful chance to do something magnificent and it was a waste of resources." that is crap! it looks like graffeti.
  5. seriously people! the amount of misinformation about Docomo is astounding. All the recent Docomo phones have English menus and you can download a full PDF English manual of your new phone, save the planet and dont order a paper manual. Plus pdf has "search" so you plug in the exact word you're looking for and you automatically go to it in the manual. http://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/english/support/manual/index.html#top_foma Avoid softbank - terrible coverage. Docomo has the best coverage, Au close behind.
  6. Vista? please!, dont be so eagre to rush out and buy copy just yet. 5 years 8000 people and 6 billion dollars and Microsoft and they churn out a much anticipated and already heavily criticized piece of software. Quote: Peter Gutmann, a computer science lecturer at Auckland University, set off a storm of debate on the Internet a few weeks ago with a paper claiming Microsoft's content protection features of Windows Vista made it "the longest suicide note in history". He claimed it could be used to degrade performance in the playback of next-generation HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs if
  7. actually it is similar to the time that tramp Diana died and Mother Theresa died fairly soon after. The reaction to Dianas death was the yard stick for "over reaction" and hype, the media thrashed that one ad nauseum yet there was barely a "peep" a comparison to the death of Mother Theresa.
  8. Why would you be lighting a filthy ciggie on the lift in the first place? You can see some lovely fluoro one pieces on a daily basis still. It provides for light entertainment spotting them.
  9. The opening scene of Saving Private Ryan is loosely based on Kindergarten fight Chuck Norris had at the age of five. Chuck Norris sold his soul to Satan to get rid of nerves and to gain his good looks. Soon after Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked Satan's face to take back his soul. Satan who is fond of irony admitted he should've seen that coming and promised Chuck immunity from forces of evil. Nowadays Chuck Noriss coaches Satan in roundhouse kicks every other Wednesday. Crop circles are evidence from Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks, not artifacts of alien intelligence. On the last
  10. Happo has very relaxed patrol - it is 47, Goryu, Tsugaike, Cortina with uptight patrols. Happo patrol are very relaxed. The worst place for boarders? really I guess many of the secrets are still secrets, that is a good thing. Sometimes you cant see the forest for the trees. Actually come to think of it, yeah happo sucks stay away, lets all Kagura! its the place to be, dont go to Happo its garbage!.
  11. Could you imagine the Japanese cops waiting at the bottom of the slopes to cart off some naughty Rope ducking gaijins to the cop station? Somehow it seems too surreal.
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