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  1. If we are going to argue the merits of the globalized economy then that is one thing, but as corporations go Starbucks is actually pretty decent. They have strong policies regarding where their beans come from, work to promote fair trade coffee, and treat their employees extremely well. This may have some part to do with their success. If global corporate culture is accepted then I would love to see other corporations follow the lead of some of the things Starbucks has done. Hey Plucky, let's talk about CitiCorp, Monsanto, and Haliburton shall we?
  2. Quote: Originally posted by d=(^o^)=b: Doesn't he realise that he is making dog ugly crappy houses that just wont last and will do nothing but detract from the area as each year passes. Why the hell then do they create and live in such ugly houses that turn their towns and cities into shit holes that no one wants to visit or see? I agree. My biggest complaint about Japan.
  3. My first CD was Vanilla Ice's "To The Extreme." ...I had some posters too. I was a big Nelson fan when they were hot as well.
  4. I have been making the case for jet-packs for a while as well. They had those thing decades ago. Shouldn't we have nice, safe, and economical every-man versions by now?
  5. Angkor Wat gets my vote. I can think of dozens of other places I want to go though. Anyone been to them all? I've only got Yosemite, Angkor, and NYC.
  6. pod mania! Veronica - didn't see anyone answer your question about randomization. In settings select Shuffle -> Songs. Then go into browse and just select Browse -> Artists -> All - > All. That will randomize the whole list. Makes for a winde range of variety on my 6000 song 3Pod.
  7. Before comig to Japan I would say I knew about: Ichiro, Kazuhiro Sasaki, Hideo Nomo Akira Kurosawa, Toshiro Mifune, Beat Takeshi, Takeshi Miike, Hayao Miyazaki Takashi Murakami Eito & Takeshi Yasutoko (maybe not by name) Yoko Ono, Miho Hatori & Yuka Honda (not by name), Echineko But I had never heard of Bob Sapp or David Beckham.
  8. You're kidding?! KEXP used to be KCMU and there was a whole bunch of controversy a couple years ago because Paul Allen gave the station a ton of money. The condtitions were that the station change their call letters (EXP is for the EMP - EXPereience Music Project, the big rock and roll museum that Allen built in Seattle). A lot of locals thought that KEXP would lose the independent flavor that KCMU had. The station instead stayed under independent management (it is actually closely affiliated with the University of Washington) and has successfully proved the worries were for nothing.
  9. Hey Makoto - Welcome. That is a great website you have there. Tons of good info it looks like. Did you compile that all yourself?
  10. I like that better then that creepy priest. Where the hell did that come from anyway?
  11. There was a thread some time ago about a famous Japanese book translated into English that had some vague winter theme. Was that the Mishima book? What of his did you read?
  12. I would say that signs point to the minority of cases this year. If you are getting a good deal and you are prepared for slush then go for it...but hoping for Feb pow conditions may be too optimistic.
  13. I harbor delusions that if I was a politician I could stick to my morals and try to make a difference. We need people willing to make changes to steer the country in the right direction. If everyone just shares your attitude BadMigs than it will never improve.
  14. Scouser - I saw Animals. It was pretty funny if you are a Gervais fan. I must admit a lot of the comedy flew a bit over my non-English head but there were still some good laughs. He does a good job of tying together a pretty standard stand up routine into an "animals theme."
  15. Quote: Originally posted by RayInJapan: Although Nader got a percentage of votes during the last election, there is no proof that his votes would have gone to demos instead. Maybe Bush would have got them all. Heh! The only way Bush would have gotten Nader votes was if Nader supporters so fed up with the similarites between Republicrats and Democans decided to give Al Gore a big middle finger and vote for Bush. I think that would have been a small percentage. Anyway, the Corporocratic Bush election machine would have found some way to put him in power. Hell they had the Supreme Court
  16. Since "Cryptonomicon" I have read Stephenson's earlier "Snow Crash" and "Zodiac." Both very different than Crypto but both written in his excellent style. Both are considerably shorter as well. Now I'm looking forward to getting my hands on his new one, "Quicksilver."
  17. I heard them play the entire brand new Incubus CD at Naeba on Sat. Pretty cool...but what they followed it with was far from good.
  18. Did the big rain that hit Tokyo Sunday night hit Niigata? If so was it rain or snow?
  19. Noticed that this weekend as well. Also noticed huge grass patches a lot like May conditions.
  20. At Naeba on Saturday pretty much only skiers were hitting the big jumps. This may have had something to do with the Mogul World Cup going on. Seemed like 1/2 the people hitting them weren't clearing. Bad, bad news on those big waterfalls. I don't know if I saw any boarders clear.
  21. It was totally Spring riding. What happened to a late start meaning a late season??? Still had lots fun tho.
  22. Quote: Originally posted by Markie: ... However, no room service... Poor guy! How did you do it?
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