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  1. Due to flight schedules from Seoul to Toyama (the nearest international airport from Hakuba), I will probably have to spend a weekend in Hakuba. Since I have been hearing "weekend-crowd" stories about Hakuba, exactly how crowded is Hakuba on an average weekend in winter? In terms of life lines, 10 minutes? 20 minutes? I would hate to go all the way to Japan just to repeat the waiting of Korean ski resorts, although the snow will be difinitely better.
  2. My wife and I are planning a ski trip to Japan in late February/early March 2007. Since we received some very good tips when we went to Niseko last year, I will rely on this board for this winter's trip. We are currently thinking of either Hakuba or Yuzawa, as the two destinations appear to be within easy access from tokyo (via Shinkansen). Which would you recommend? We are looking for decent snow, plenty of beginner/intermediate runs (my wife is a novice), (traditional or western) bars for night life and onsen. Pros for Yuzawa are: 1. appears to have more night life/ba
  3. Quote: Originally posted by snosurf: I like the picture snowzzang. It's almost surreal - nice work. Quote: Wow Koreans really like snow I guess all the other countries in the world with resorts opening in November with man made snow must not enjoy skiing as much as Korea I sense a little sarcasm there Toque. Either way it's implicit, you said it not him. I think the title of the thread 'This is how much the Koreans like skiing' is more an attempt at a humourous caption for the picture, not a value statement regarding which country likes skiing the most. Thanks, snosurf. I se
  4. Quote: Originally posted by quattro: snowzzang Where in Korea are you? I use to patrol out at Yong Pyong about 8 years ago. Interesting to see snow out there so early. http://www.yongpyong.co.kr/eng/about/location.asp Quattro, I'm in Seoul. How about you? Notwithstanding the global warming that has definitely been affecting Korea as well, Yong Pyong is opening its ski season earlier and earlier each year. A few years ago, it was early December, then late November, and now it's early November.
  5. Have you heard of autumn skiing? What you see below is 100% man-made snow. From Yong Pyong Resort in Korea.
  6. Although I had a swell at Niseko during the past week, it left something desired. The scenery was not quite "Alpine". Mt. Yote was fabulous, but other than that, the surroundings were too plain. The trees were mostly birches (as opposed to tall pine trees that in my opinion give more Alpine look), and I didn't see any granite-exposing rocky mountains either. I understand it's all a matter of taste, but if you were looking for a ski area in Japan that smacks of the Alps, which would that be?
  7. I have a long list of backcountry/off-piste related questions, so please bear with me. I am posting these questions that are very important to me, after spending hours going through past threads and not finding the answers. 1. Prior training: Is it okay to go backcountry/off-piste with no prior experience or training, if you are going out with a local guide? Or is it a must to get the elementary training first? 2. Skiing level: Do you have to be an advanced skier to go backcountry? I have a wife who is novice-to-intermediary and really want to take her along if I decide to go with a
  8. I've beed advised to explore Strawberry Fields, Miharashi and Rob Roy while at Niseko, which I cannot find in the very detailed trail map of Niseko. Are they "unofficial" runs that the official trail maps don't show, or are they called by other names in Japanese? If they don't show on the official map, where are they?
  9. My wife and I will be going to Niseko in the second week of February. We will be spending a couple of days at Sapporo to see the Snow Festival and also want to make the most out of our Niseko trip as well. Are there things/sights that are considered as must-do/see while at Niseko?
  10. Hi, everyone. My wife and I will be travelling to Hokkado in early February (in time for the Yukimatsuri). While there, we also plan to spend sometime skiing at Niseko. Which Niseko resorts, of the three, would you recommend based on the following criteria?: 1. Scenery is the most important factor. 2. Lot of beginner to intermediate slopes (although I'm an advanced skiier, my wife is a novice) 3. Apre-ski Making a good pick appears to be important, as I've read reviews that crossing over from one resort to another is not as easy as it sound and we may have to stick wi
  11. I can't help noticing from the weather forecasts that it is not uncommon for the highs (most resorts) to reach above-zero degrees these days. Would that necessarily mean that the sun beats down on the snow in daytime and the sub-zero temperature freezing the snow in nighttime, resulting in sub-optimal snow conditions, unless there is new snow? (That's what usually happens here in Korea and is a crucial barometer of the snow condition for me.) Or, with the heavy snow precipitation in Japan, are the effects of above-zero degree temperature minimal?
  12. SnowJapan never fails to amaze me as a one-stop portal to Japanese ski resorts, complete with resort search function and user reviews. Are there comparable US or Europe ski portal sites? I've seen homepages of US or European ski resorts, but not a all-in-one portal that features almost all of the resorts in one region. Does anyone know of any?
  13. I didn't know Japan do not observe the Lunar New Year's Day. This year, it's February 9th.
  14. Hi! Are the ski resorts generally crowded on the Lunar New Year's Day? Here in Korea, although we take almost the whole week off around the Lunar New Year's Day, it's more or less family gathering time and it's actually a very good time to escape the usual holiday crowd on the runs. I'm wondering how it is in Japan.
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