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  1. I like him. Good in Layer Cake viv
  2. There doesn't seem to be much excitement about the Olympics.... people not interested?
  3. I used to do some skating when I was younger, it's a great feeling. That and ballet were my things when I was young. I sometimes have a go at skating now when I can and really love it - and regret that I hadn't continued. Really enjoy watching the figure skating, it will be interesting to see how the 3 do at the Olympics. viv
  4. Any names for this strong stuff - I'd be interested to try it. I like sweet and creamy myself.
  5. Really liked it. I thought it could have been half an hour shorter bit of flab but really enjoyed it
  6. When I first came here I hated the smell of that heating oil. Sad to say I'm used to it now.
  7. Special day or just normal day? We're going out for the evening - missing the Christmas Ibu crowd in the process
  8. What covers do you guys have? Any good ones to recommend for the new ones.
  9. First chapter of that book for free, good read that was thanks Ocean11. Do you have the book?
  10. We've just organised a 12 day period when we're both off work in early February which I'm really excited about. It will be exciting planning where to go.
  11. Just a few when needed - probably about 5 a week.
  12. Was in Tokyu hands yesterday and saw the collection of trees they have.... literally hundreds!
  13. 2 more fantastic dvds from Peter Gabriel Play - the videos.... The vids in themselves are pretty good, but they have really put some care into mixing the sound for DTS 5.1 and it sounds fantastic on a home theater system. Still Growing Up is another dvd of his recent touring, not actually seen all of it through yet but it looks and sounds good as you would expect.
  14. Just wanted to update this. It's great, for what we use it for it is as fast as the other computer we have - but it has a much nicer screen. Very pleased with the buy.
  15. We like small, clean family-type places that aren't too overbearing and good food.
  16. Quote: I don't care about the Mag 8 You might if it is in the Tokyo region!
  17. Whatever, surely some heavy snowfall anywhere in Japan now is GOOD news!
  18. We went there last year and enjoyed it. It wasn't really crowded, even at the weekend and the snow was decent. Not a bad day out from Tokyo at all.
  19. Just in case this is the thread sava mentioned: http://www.snowjapanforums.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php/topic/1/6016.html As for your question, Nozawa Onsen is probably the answer.
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