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  1. Hakuba Iwatake...No J-pop the time i went... just some unknown old country tunes playing... a lot like the one they play on western cowboy flicks... Was definitely very annoying... Makes me wanna draw and shoot someone!... Me and my buddies kinda guess, that they wanted to warm up the freezing slopers with some gool ol' desert tunes... yiiiihaaaaa!!!
  2. Thanks CB! Will check it out the next time I head by shinsaibashi. Sorry for the trouble ()...
  3. Putting on my snowboarding boots... hahaha.... such a pain... takes too much time too... wish i could wear em from home...
  4. On the way back got me a bus plan pamplet to Hachi Kita... will definitely check it out soon!... Thanks for the info! Seems like there's Hachi Kougen listed here... Are they connected?
  5. Pricy if you go by car i guess. Not so if you go with the 1 day bus plan (6000/7000yen, bus+gondola+lifts). and its only an hour a half from Osaka. So i ride more on the slopes then on the bus. Just dont go on a weekend. Packed as hell... Yup, they do... pretty nice too, a park run... they have like 2 jumps, a rail and 3 boxes i think... various difficulties... Only opens when the weather is good though...
  6. Creek boy, nothing worse then flaky itchy skin at the end of the day.... Just to jump back on the topic... cheap uniqlo all the way.. just a short shirt sleeve and a long one on top... nothing worst then sweating yourself a 0 degrees and freezing later (besides flaky itchy skin of course)...
  7. Besides the 1-2 anual trips to Nagano, i skip school and run over to Biwako (when ever i can!)if the weather is bright and sunny with minimal wind.... I usually manage 6-10 trips there in season... I know the snow and runs there are kinda bad, but its close, cheap, and the facilities and staff are great... Wondering if there are any regulars here as well?
  8. Thanks that would be very appreciated!... I hate to have to purchase a new pair and moulding them would definitely do the trick!... Knowing that its in ICI somewhere in shinsaibashi is the best news i've heard so far... big thanks!... I'll search for it on the web or something...
  9. Your a life saver creek boy! () Thanks! I'm definitely gonna try and head down there... ICI in shinsyaibashi eh... any idea on how i can get there? and how much do they charge for one mould?...
  10. Do any of you guys know where I can get my 32s heatmoulded in Japan? or how to get information regarding the spots that offer the service? Any help would be appreciated.
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