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  1. I won't know about my work holidays situation for another 3-4 months or so, so no really planning
  2. Yeah Simon didn't even vote him to get through the first round!
  3. Talking of snacks, recently discovered a new one that I'm totally addicted to. It's called Cratz Pretzel & Almond, there's a few flavors but my boom is the Pepper Bacon one. Totally yummy.
  4. I have some with my "good shirts" for more special ocassions, I really like wearing them. (They aren't character ones!) Saw some World Cup football ones yesterday - one for each team in the finals!
  5. Good to watch maybe, I just don't want them in my house!
  6. I really enjoyed V. Not keen on the first two MI films - I suppose this third will be more of the same so I probably won't watch it.
  7. ..what do you answer? Country or town? I usually say country first, but probably because quite a few people don't know the small town I'm from. I noticed some Japanese people say they are "from Kansai", even to other Japanese people, which seems to be a bit of a big area.
  8. Any specific links you can help out with there folks?
  9. CNN. It's rubbish. I want Fox to laugh at but they took that away from us.
  10. Ours was quite noisy so we stuck it under the table inside a cabinet. Can't hear it now!
  11. I lost some keys but luckily someone had handed them in at the bottom lift which was a huge relief.
  12. They were all pretty awful last night, hey? Still can't see how that Katherine lady ended up in the "Worst 3". Simon looked liked he wanted to be elsewhere
  13. I might be wrong but I think it is directing you to some important updates.
  14. quattro, what is Teine like? I suppose it is much closer to you than Niseko?
  15. Same here. Rude behaviour really annoys me.
  16. Very interesting and hard to believe that lots of the stuff we eat has to travel so far. I am certainly going to be more careful about what I buy.
  17. Have you seen the vidcasts (or whatever you call them)? There's now going to be a Karl Pilkington book?!? I don't get all that, anyone find it funny?
  18. We might go out one more time this season, not sure yet, but went to Nozawa more than anywhere else - 5 times. Which resorts did you hang out at the most?
  19. Perhaps it could be considered as a "really fantastic ad" considering all the publicity it is getting.
  20. Isn't oolong tea very healthy? Rather different from coffee I believe.
  21. I think there's more than several! Do they mean an upper class sounding Queens English type?
  22. What were they called before they sold them at the Tokyo uni gate?
  23. Tashiro is usually less busy than Mitsumata I think.
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