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  1. You up there often Zaoman? I hope to have at least 10 days at Zao this season.
  2. Kusatsu Zao Kawaba Appi Kogen Miyagi Zao Eboshi Hunter Mountain Tenjindaira
  3. Great Okama near Zao don't think you can get there in winter without a guide.
  4. That sounds like one of those questions that is not really a question!
  5. I'd really like to know more about 'the journey of a package'. I am always amazed too at how takyubin can get something from inaka in southern Japan to inaka in northern Japan in 1 day. It is an excellent service.
  6. Ezorisu, haha, it is a name from the Zao area of Yamagata.
  7. I am hoping my first time will be in around mid-December and it will either be in Shiga Kogen or Zao one of those two.
  8. I live in a quiet area of western Tokyo on the border.
  9. It's fun to realise that that is NEXT MONTH. Back to the gardening....
  10. I used the ferry once and I was ill when I arrived. I would certainly prefer the plane.
  11. After considering this for a few moments I have decided to just wait, relax and enjoy the autumn weather.
  12. I used to be high school teacher but I was disillusioned with the system and so I retired from it. Now I teach sometimes privately but make sure I enjoy my life without the un-necessary stress that I had before. I am Japanese by the way. Good luck, Creek Boy.
  13. I do both. Ofcourse when I started there was no snowboarding! But then I took it up still I enjoy both
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