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  1. The software is great when you are used to it but mindboggling at the beginning. I've been using these applications for years though so I can only imagine the scale of mindbogglingness. (Not for Windows 3.1 of course!)
  2. It's basically the brand new versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and other Adobe applications. I used to be in graphic design but now it is more of a hobby really.
  3. Got it! I gave FedEx a call and got them to chase it up. Whether that had the effect of speeding anything up I don't know, but I'm happy it is here now. Installing now!
  4. Still "Package available for clearance"! How long does that usually take -- it's 9 hours now! I'll go mad if those guys have Sat/Sun/Mon off as well!
  5. I am impatient. I know it I will admit it. I wish I was more patient. Package arrived at Narita this morning FedEx and has been sitting there "Package available for clearance" since then. I WANT IT NOW!!!!! How's everyone else - patient or not? How do I get to be more I wonder....!
  6. Is he still jumping? Must be, ahem, no offence, getting on a bit now!
  7. Well it is all new to me and I have not worked my way round maps and stuff yet but I am hoping to get out there quite a few weekends and a bit more if I can in a holidayu.
  8. It is - both expensive and (at a push) a tool of the trade. It was sent out yesterday so I should be installing on Monday
  9. Paid in full. From my point of view, that is the deal done. They had the advantage of getting my cash early. I got the security of having paid for it.
  10. Used to work for Adobe so I have lots of Adobe early stuff. On the other end of the scale, looking forward to getting the spanking new Creative Suite 4 next week as well. Have been on 2 for a while so time for an upgrade.
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