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  1. Hi all, further to previous threads about aussies in Japan i'd like to ask about train travel... again.... If i am looking to work in Sapporo but I will be flying into tokyo and i'll have about 40 kg of gear because of all my snow gear plus travel gear, would i be best catching the train up to sapporo? If i fly domestically, the additional weight will cost me a fortune wont it? Does anyone know how much a one way train ticket should be? and also does anyone know how often the train goes or can give me a link to look up? Thanks!! dean
  2. Thanks Well one follow up question, do you know if there are any places to stay that offer kitchen/cooking facilities that are secure, as we are over there on a working holiday and i don't want to burn up a lot of money at hotels while in Tokyo... any recommendations?
  3. Hi Does anyone know a good place too stay in Tokyo for about 2 weeks if we are looking to live on the cheap but have snowboard gear and not worry about it getting stolen? There is going to be three of us looking to share a place. Any advice? Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, Sorry for probably covering one of the most asked topics, but i couldn't seem to find anything when i searched the Forum. I am an Australian looking to do a season there next year working. My choices of were originally one of three: 1. Niseko 2. Hakuba 3. Shiga Kogen I heard though the nightlife is very disappointing at shiga kogen. So my question is, if i'm looking for a good nightlife, and a good time boarding, which is better? This is an opinion thing i know, but if people can give me an insight into the nightlife that'd be great! Thanks a lo
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