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what's everybody listening to now?

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geeze, and I missed that. I made a huge mistake. Them niggas know their stuffing.

do you smell the glove?


Better than Niggas Wit Coke. :WTF:


but wait an actual line is "I don't date I'd rather pay for pussy, you niggas sideways like that asian pussy." now that is lyricism my friends.

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How did you know I was online! ;)


The only thing I like is Dave's vocals.

The rest to me.... just isn't DM.

If it wasn't them wouldn't give it any more time at all.

Suffers from lots of the same problems of the last few albums.

But bottom line to me is sad to say Martin just doesn't seem to be able to write songs like he used to and they don't seem capable/bothered of sprinkling some magic on them either.


Me sad. :(

I will of course give the album a go.

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Johnny was a bit of a hero at one time.

Yes cool Johnny + Mozzer = magic




but they are not magical apart.


But his stuff is just rubbish.

Such an unbelievably average voice.

No, just stop it.




He comes across as a big of a knob now, sadly. As does Mozza.

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