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Curiosity piqued by this thread, I tried Twist Pepsi the other night. Firstly, it doesn't taste of lemon, as it wouldn't with only 1% lemon juice in it. Secondly, it made me burp and immediately coated my teeth in an unpleasant fuzzy sheen. I didn't mind the burps, but I couldn't wait to get home and clean my mouth out.


I concluded that it's a gutless marketing ploy. If you're going to claim 'lemon', at least make it taste of lemon.


Also it cost more than a lemon chuhai would, which represents very bad value indeed.

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I jumped aboard this thread just to see how 40 plus posts warranted the attention of the topic....it was a big deal when I was a kid, after all


But Amandanism, what relevance to this thread are you talking about?


I drank water for breakfast this morning. Had ice tea for lunch and some amino supli for dinner. Congratulations. wave.gif


Aw, that was mean...I'm sorry \:o


Oh...Diet Coke's the choice.

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