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Unveiled for the first time on mtv, May 13th


MTV presents: The Next Generation Xbox Revealed 次世代 Xbox プレビュー・スペシャル


New console wars start here!

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Well no-one in the world likes the design of the current xbox. Appealing to Japan is an important thing for them this time around apparently (not just the gaijin in Japan lol.gif )

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It must be a tough market for an U.S company to break. Not only are Nihon gamers very loyal to Japanese companies and game developers, I have always found the taste of gamers in Japan to be a bit......weird.


The new design for the xbox looks sleek and small. From the look of it maybe no HD this time around as reported previously on the forum. Does anyone know if this is still true?

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I heard it will come in 2 flavors - with HD (and backward compatable with current games) and without HD (in which case you can use memory cards). On some of the images doing the rounds, you can see the HD attached to the top (or left hand side if it is horizontal)

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The numbers for the current xbox really are scarily bad.


This was last week:


PlayStation 2: 30,572

PlayStation Portable: 28,950

Nintendo DS: 21,698

GameBoy Advance SP: 10,529

GameCube: 3,376

GameBoy Advance: 397

Xbox: 315


And for 2005 until now:


PlayStation 2: 755,273

PlayStation Portable: 724,872

Nintendo DS: 579,119

GameBoy Advance SP: 254,692

GameCube: 85,120

GameBoy Advance: 8,724

Xbox: 5,977

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Dims, reports from that MTV filming say it isn't as small as people wanted it to be. Hopefully they are wrong. You'd think with the bashing the current brick has got they'd do all they could to make it sleek.

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i never quite got this thing about games consoles having to be small. the nintendo gamecube even had handles on it for easy portability. surely you just buy it and put it under the TV, never to move it again until it breaks or you move house? why does it need to be so small and portable? its not a walkman!

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I agree, but you never wanted things to look good, bobby12? The current xbox is just a terrible terrible thing to look at.


And the Japanese market likes small things, for whatever reason.


That new one looks better.

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So it looks like it is going to be Xbox 360.

Check out these other names they were considering before launching the original one for a laff



Microsoft Action Experience



All In One



Microsoft Interactive Network Device



Full Action Center



Microsoft Interactive Theatre



Experience Optimised Network



Microsoft Virtual Play Center



Total Action Center



Microsoft Action Reality Center



Live Entertainment Experience



Microsoft Play and Action Center



Real Performance Machine



Microsoft Optimal Experience



Extreme Experience



Microsoft Total Gaming



Virtual Interactive Player


PTP or P2P

Powered To Play



Virtual Interactive Center



Microsoft Active Reality Zone



Three, Six, Zero



Entertainment Headquarters



Optimal Ozone or Optical Odyssey



Microsoft Interactive Center



Reality and Revolution



Microsoft Entertainment Activator



Active Microsoft Player



Virtual Play System



Microsoft Action Play



Microsoft Entertainment & Gaming Attendant or Microsoft Entertainment & Gaming Assembly






Virtual Entertainment & Reality Venture



Odyssey of the Mind






Interactive System In One



Microsoft Entertainment Technology or Microsoft Entertainment Theatre

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Do they intentionally come up with a whole bucket load of totally bollocks names just to make one seem decent. You'd wonder why naming a console was so difficult. I mean come on, Dreamcast, wtf?


Sony has the best and simplest idea I reckon. build that ps brand.

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'Playstation' is a terrible name though. You can tell it was thought up in Japan - it's bordering on jap-lish. It would suit a Nintendo product much more, given their pre to early-teen target market.

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