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"Pickle Farm"


"Dude Ranch"


"Sausage Factory"


All this and more describe the demographic in places like men's prisons, English boarding schools, and certain Roppongi bars. Why even the "smoking corner" in my company excludes the fairer sex...


How pleasant it is to spend a day in the mountains in the company of beautiful women.


And what a letdown it is that after just 2-3 lessons, even the most callow beginner will graduate to a part of the mountain where feminine beauty is seldom seen.


That's because there's no bathrooms, hot chocolate, no bathrooms, no warm smoking area, no bathrooms or mirrors, no shops or snacks, no heated comfy rest areas, and--did I mention this yet?--no bathrooms or even any bathrooms up the hill in the more challenging areas.


What a shame.


Against this backdrop any female boarder or skier who can string together a couple of turns really makes the gents sit up and take notice. Then the gents spend the rest of the afternoon bombing straight down the slope to try to get on the lift with her. It may take two or three runs, and then when you finally catch up to her, she turns away from the line and goes into the lodge to get a can coffee, have a smoke and a pee.


You know the game.


Well, the best female Japanese snowboarder I ever saw, I saw up in Niseko in the winter of 1997. She was a hard-booter slipping artfully around and through the bumps near the very top of the mountain where two of the Niseko resorts are connected.


At first I thought it was a male pro racer. Then I figured out it was a gal. Incredible. Must be an Olympian or something. Rather than try to catch up with her, I let her catch up with ME.


By the time she did, I had to go...not to the bathroom, but to keep an annoying appointment with my girlfriend, who was sitting in the lodge at the very bottom, drinking coffee and smoking. She'd put in her twenty minutes of boarding on the expensive gear and all-mountain passport I'd procured for her, and her first words to me were "Where have you BEEN?!"


Sorry to drift from the subject of this post, but for chrissakes.


When are they going to get some really good fun female boarders up there? Me and Mogski are hard chargers...we need women!!





- -=oOo=-

- --== badmigraine ==--

- -= in Tokyo =-

- =o=

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Hey badmigraine, I've had that 'syncing' feeling when the good lookin' tart peels out of line after 30 minutes of careful timing. Serves us right for not 'living in the moment' eh? And I've also smashed into snowbanks from looking the wrong way. Coolio!

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ehm..., there are thousands of them, you just have to be as fast as they are... :p


i know, 2 or more nice girls in hirafu, some in oze tokura, a hardcore skiing girl in nozawa, a cute little beginner girl (who i loved to help, of course)in shiga and many more!

but sorry, i can't tell you names or where they worked! they would kill me!!

and i like to come again boarding in japan...

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Yo Migraine


Check out the pipe. Usually lots of good boarders in there. The pipe/park are the main (only??) way to go pro here, so that's where most of the good 'uns end up. Should also be pretty easy to get talking to the woman of your choice, and anyone that can pull big airs should have no problems carving up the main courses.

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Originally posted by robbot:
There are just so many of them.
But what do we call them.

"Snowbunny" doesn't seem to suit boardergirls, seems like a skiing thing.

we call em "Shred Bettys" here in oz!
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IIIII, nonononono, skiings for the guys mate, a chic on skis just doesn't have any class over a cute little japanese chic on her little 140 BaaTON.


If a chic rips on skis, there is probably an 80% chance she has a deeper voice than you!!

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Do any boarders remember what a hot boarding girl is called.. that "Snow Bunny" is a skier thing..

I remember "Shred Betty".. then hot boarder chicks became just "Betties"


I'm so sexy.. are you a "Betty"?!!? (bet ya are!)

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Sexy, wow, you brought up this thread from years back. Must be doing the research thing. Impressed. Which name goes well for the female of the species... 'Shred Betties' 'Snow Bunnies' or 'Boarder Girls'

Value your opinion. \:\)


Albiet not the most important thing in the world....ie. a label. but important for the boys to feel like boys and something to call out when a fly girl slides past and leaves us wondering...

'where's my angel'


still waiting.

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my wife rips it up! gets in amongst the trees, loves her powder, & keeps up with the boys for most of the day - generally goes in an hour or so earlier, but thats still pretty good going as she's quite small.


check it out - frosted with face-shots, bogged down in waist-deep powder, but still enjoying herself immensely - thats my girl! clap.gif



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If the standard is bringing a CamelBack full of margarita, a couple of Darvocet or Vicodin for the late-afternoon wind-down into a steak and red wine dinner, and showing up in a bright yellow and orange 1-piece snowsuit obtained at the Salvation Army for $1.79, then my sister is the best board girl ever.


And she can board, too.



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oh, she still doesnt like the cold, flipside, but as long as shes got stacks of layers on & its not too windy, she's happy... going to places with gondolas is important too - she hates cold chair-lifts & t-bars... there have been tears!

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