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  1. hello to all who still knows me... hey, has something changed at the lift policy in tenjindaira? last year, you only could go one time up with the gondola each day (so they could control the backcountry better...) is it still like this or is backcountry riding accepted again? ride hard ivo
  2. Quote: Originally posted by scouser: Hey ivo - just noticed your name, how's it going? Coming back to Japan this winter? no, japan is too expensive to come every year, since i have my own apartement i'm anyway runing out of money all the time...
  3. i never have to drink alcohol during the day, ther's still plenty of it from the night before in my brain... but mort, compare to europe, japanese people are sober when boarding!
  4. i hope brazil can win the final and south-korea can win the semifinal!!! cause, if germany winns we can't watch german tv anymore for one month (they would only tell about how a great nation they are...) and, if turkey wins, the fans would make big car (mercedes) corsos and we would have traffic jams with turkey flags for at least 2 days....
  5. sorry, saw this ways too late! try "wazzas world" 09013052561 say a hello from ivo (he should give me one day for free for each customer i've sent to him!!!!!!)
  6. how about "krumel" (on the u are 2 points) it's german and means great, big
  7. most boring movie i saw last year! acctually wasn't it that bad, beatiful scenes, action, thrill.... BUT, after 3 (!) hours watching like they find friends, fight, loose friends, walk on, find friends, fight, loose friends, walk on, find friends, fight, loose friends, walk on, find friends, fight, loose friends, walk on........... it's getting boring! the worst thing about the whole film is that you leave after 3 hours the cinema and there is NO END!!!!! the film ends in the middle of the story! so you have to wait for another year to see the second part and another year to p
  8. there is only one real good drink to cheese. white wine! best cheese is real swiss gruyere
  9. one make means you just can make one jump (...and the day is over with a broken leg...) over this facility. in the rest of the world we would say big-air, jump, table, kicker.....
  10. check out the post offices all arround japan. i'm not shure but i think they are open 24 hours and you can use all western cards there!
  11. go for shugar-high, shibuya at friday night. 2500 yen all you can drink till 5.00 am
  12. if you just ride without special gear and cloating you can get a maximum speed between 80 and 90 km/h usual speed would be around 30km/h
  13. i like the windlip by the snow monsters on top of zao (the picture should be developed soon...)
  14. i think it will stay like 50/50 skiers and snowboarders. but hey, barok, split boards, (are almost as old as snowboarders trying to go backcountry) long boards, (i rode my first longboard in 1994) swallowtail & powdertail boards (they came out before someone tried to built steeledges on a snowboard...) [/b] so those are no new inovations (sorry, i just had to say that....)
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