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  1. i wonder if there are some japanese snowboard crews? and if they have a homepage.. please post URL's of snowboard crew homepages u know www.42crew.ch
  2. yo deebee! bring me some japanese gimmicks when u come to switzerland/laax! that'd B cool. laax is definitly one of the best places round! or visit davos at new year ( big party / great snowboard contest )
  3. {Totally trivial aside: when I was 8 yrs old before I skied I visited the alps in the Junfrau region of Switzerland, I believe it was called Klien Schnideg (excuse the spelling). I wizzed down the snow in a garbage bag and had a ball. Saw an averlanch (awesome) and meet an irish woman and an american. Both had such strong accents that I didn't think that they were speaking english. I recall my day there vividly and really want to return as an adult}.[/QB] It's the "Jungfrau" region and the place is called "Kleine Scheidegg"
  4. regarding switzerland: if you guys need more informations about hotels/rooms/flats n stuff like that -> drop me a line. it can B very cheap or expensive like a million
  5. baby boy judgement night matrix and some hitchcok stuff
  6. i'm interested in japanese snowboard mags, is there a way to get them by mail or somehow else ( i'm here in europe ). which are the best mags?
  7. some hot tracks: dead or alive - you spin me round berlin - masquerade murray head - one night in bangkok soul to soul - back to life
  8. about a new name for a clothing brand ( example: special blend outerwear, billabong, dub, ... ) we have the ability to create some clothing stuff - but we're still lookin for a good name.
  9. ivo, great idea! ( although it doesnt mean great, big
  10. yeah it's kinda casual.. for hanging round, doing sport like skate-/snowboarding.. it goes from street pants, training pants, shirts, sweaters, breakers, hats, beanies ... and it's for both...men & women
  11. yep - that's a beginning ... but i think it's 2 aggressive. should B smoother..
  12. has someone a good name for a new clothing brand? it can be english or japanese. thanks for all your posts! B there or B square
  13. i have a xbox since 4 months ago...it's awesome! and i have also the snowboarding game called 'amped' it's the best boardergame so far (most realistic sb-game)!
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