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  1. .. yeah BG. The back cover reads: Only fifteen years ago, Japan was the world's model for modern capitialism; today, its economy lies in ruins, its environment is in grave danger, and its culture is profoundly, chronically sick. In this incisive, deeply personal book, Alex Kerr, a longtime resident and student of Japan, explores the roots of this dicline. He offers no easy answers, but argues that as Japan has emerged from isolation and asserted itself as one of the world's most powerful nations, much of what it holds dear in its culture and in its very landsc ape has been torn apart
  2. Dogs and Demons: Tales From the Dark Side of Japan... by Alex Kerr
  3. zodiac: virgo chinese(animal): horse
  4. What English Channels are available w/ Sky Perfect?
  5. okay. i'm in board:Type A Jim Moran 159 Pro Model bindings rake F-60 boots C Premiers helmet:Pro-tec halfpipe outerwear:Ecko Function snow-wear goggles:Oakley gloves:Kombi and on hot days Fuel
  6. Has snowboarding reached it's peak? Or wiill it fade out for awhile like skateboarding did from the late eighties to the mid ninties?
  7. i like Shaun White's style... he's got some major flow goin' on
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