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  1. .. in the Winter I snowboard .. Summer I surf and anytime in between I drink a little here and there..
  2. Beckham's new Rod Stewart hair-do.. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/more/news/2002/07/26/games_ceremony/lg_beckham_ap.html [This message has been edited by ollie (edited 28 July 2002).]
  3. yeah G-G, it's fun to be riding the snow again but it does get boring because you just end up practicing carving. it would be sweet if there were an indoor snow-park w/ a half pipe?
  4. I was recently at Kugenuma beach in Fujisawa and I saw some boys and girls sporting tatoos. You can't hide the tats during summer time!
  5. Just got back from SSAWS. It was pretty empty. I was wondering if this is usual for a Friday night? Has anyone else been to SSAWS on a Friday afternoon-night session?
  6. I agree w/ Wizz. I just bought the CD and I think it's a good Oasis album. The melodies are very oasis-ish, which has always been consistent in all their songs. I also liked the last album too. If you're a true fan of the Oasis sound then you'd continue to like their albums. I think some people jumped on the 'band wagon' on their earlier albums and when they stopped making such poppy sounding songs everyone jumped off.
  7. I ski'd for 3 or 4 seasons, but then I tried snowboarding and haven't ski'd since. I was also skateboarding for 3 years until a bad injury forced me to quit, so the transition to snowboarding came easily for me .
  8. my hometown is in the Los Angeles area in California. I was wondering where everone else's was?
  9. for both skiers and boarders recreational, novice, amateur, proffesional, or rate yourself in your own words!!
  10. i past up a chance to go snowboarding this past weekend. i was wondering what i missed?
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