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  1. Yukon Jack is great.. Had alot of Habu-Sake down in Okinawa and Kyushu.. never see it much up here though.. The snake in the bottle scares most i guess?
  2. they have a few here on my base, also maybe get lucky with Limewire and download it for free. some music managing software can can turn the audio into MP3 format. Sonic Stage by Sony is superb..
  3. download DVD Decrypter its free ware and available many places online..just search for it. it might work. also DVD Shrink is also freely available both work so easily..and with DVD Shrink, take off all the video and leave just the audio..
  4. Im driving up to hakuba next week, will be leaving from kangawa night of the 14th or early 15th. Or need a ride back to Tokyo/Kanagawa? heading back the 19th. Kinda short notice, so did'nt do a "Trip Maker" inquire at neurozoo@docomo.ne.jp
  5. NAIR!!! OUCH! I tried it and after only a few minutes it starts burning, and that was on my ass.. on the nuts maybe it feels good though?ahhaha!
  6. I like recording music off the stereo on the voice recorder, then saving it as a ring tone.. the best are getting catch phrases off movies like Pulp Fiction, and Darkenss from the movie Legend..
  7. Hell yeah.. i agree thunderpants.. Yeti was "ok" before they tore down the park.. now its a waste of snow.
  8. can "snow-japan personals" be in the close future? ahhaha.. skip all the flirty posts and get straight to the topics that I am sure some look for in a forum..
  9. I like spraying posers with snow as I pass them by.. and jumping over them when they fall in front of me.. also fun to imagine them as human flag poles in a boardercross.
  10. I always like seeing hot chicks that actually know to to snowoard.. If the looks and boarding tallent are equal, then it's on! but too many of them Betties all caked in make-up and brand new gear, but go down the entire hill on thier heel edge.. yall know what im talking about i guess?
  11. Do any boarders remember what a hot boarding girl is called.. that "Snow Bunny" is a skier thing.. I remember "Shred Betty".. then hot boarder chicks became just "Betties" I'm so sexy.. are you a "Betty"?!!? (bet ya are!)
  12. Hell Yeah! I wish I could catch them on tv or somethin.. How about Danger Mouse.. Voltron and Thunder Cats.. an kid growing up in early 80's america, and had cable remember "USA Cartoon Express" Captain Cave Man.. Scooby Doo.. Jabber Jaw.. Hong Kong Phooey
  13. Inter FM 76.1 pisses me off with Katakana Pronunciation.. "Httpyuee dobuyudubyudubyu dotto eentaa efu emu dotto shii oooh dotto je peee" COME ON!! I went to get my truck's alingment fixed and told the lady about my allignment.. allignment.. allignment.. ALLIGNMENT!!!! "Ohh.. eee? nani?!? ee? aaahhh.. hai, alainumentoo?" YES, DAMMIT!! anf the japanese butcher foreign music performers names.. Sunupuu doogii doggu, ashaa, Guleen De, Alu Kerree.. ahh man.. for alot more than my crap, i suggest everyone go to www.engrish.com ****in' AWSOME!!!!!!!!!
  14. Sony would'nt seem too strange.. nor Burton.. how about Q-Tip, or Kraft, Nestle! Meiji, Pannasonic, Civic, Benneton, Dennys, ..
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