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Originally posted by Oyuki kigan:
I have to say, any girl that rides is that much sexier (especially if they are actually riding and not fixing their makeup).
dittos - the sexiest girls are the ones who dont wear make up and still look beautiful first thing in the morning \:\)
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sorry rach, there were maybe 5 posts or so that were deleted and the rest of that there is just left-over nonsense...


Fattwins was essentially letting the cat-outta-da-bag


So, i said my bag is ziplocked shut - hence, people arent going to get answers outta me that were asked


make sense?


PS, rach, can u come sunday?

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If I can I will - I want to. Problem is time as I need to do a few things in the morning here in Kobe and not sure how long they will finish. What time will you all be sticking around until?

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