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Funny, local places don't seem to stock Kohaku much at all here.

Even now, only rubbish 350 cans at one place and none in the others.


So, I will have 2 cases of Akiaji and 2 cases of Kohaku to keep me going for quite some months!





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From now on, my glasses will be in my freezer. Grand idea!


From the UK, straight to okinawa for a quick break. Grabbed some lovely local brews from ishigaki island.

(the trip itself was awesome! but that's for another thread)

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Being a huge fan of Hefenweiss style beer (see posts about Burleigh Brewing Hef on "Pies and Beer reports - summer 2014) and also being a novice regarding Japanese beer (only really had Kirin, Asahi and Sapporo products which were certainly nice) I googled "Is there a Japanese Weiss bier" and came upon Hitachino Nest Weizen from Kiuchi brewery.


So the questions are:


Has anybody tried it?

If so, what's the drum?

Is it available in Hakuba?

If so, where?

Any other Japanese weissbiers that anyone knows about?


Thanks in advance for replies and apologies if these questions have been answered elsewhere in this/other posts - if this is the case please direct me.




Big Al

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WooHoo !! The power of Google; it's (Hitachino Nest Weizen) stocked by the Archive Beer Boutique in West End here in Brissie and I'm working a stone's throw from there tomorrow.


R & D project about to begin - will report back !!

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MiJ has had a beer recently witha widget in it....he's also sampled the Hatachina beers so maybe has had the weizen. You can buy those beers in some convinis but mostly Jupiter and other international shops....no idea about hakuba

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