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Had 3 bottles of Akiaji on Saturday night. What with aching limbs and that, I was totally sozzled and could hardly move!

So, Yokohama Taproom:

Beers are of course excellent -- although I kept it down to just one each of favorite standards Rising Sun & IPA. Must get back to one of the Taprooms soon to try some of the recent seasonal brews on offer.

The BBQ -- well, considering how hard it is to find any kind of BBQ in Japan this stands out as pretty good, certainly worth the trip down from Tokyo. I thought the sausages (tried two varieties) were the highlight of the menu -- the brisket and the chicken were good but a little dried out.

Major disappointment was the sauces, which need some work imho.

Of the three Taprooms, I'd favor Naka Meguro as a drinking venue, and Harajuku for food (I'm a fool for yakitori), but I certainly plan to hit the Yokohama branch from time to time.

cheers cheers cheers

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Originally Posted By: Captain Stag
Does anyone know of any other beer related TV worth watching?

"Early Doors".

May be difficult for non-Brit northerners to fully appreciate.

Early Doors is a BBC sitcom written by Craig Cash and Phil Mealey who also appear in the series playing best friends Joe and Duffy. The setting is The Grapes, a small public house in Manchester, where daily life revolves around the issues of love, loneliness and blocked urinals. A number of the landmarks referred to in the series are in Stockport.

The action centres on pub landlord Ken (John Henshaw), especially his preoccupation with his daughter Melanie (Christine Bottomley), who is preparing to meet her real father, and his nervous relationship with barmaid Tanya (Susan Cookson). Ken's wife left him for his best friend.

The series reflects more than a little of the northern humour displayed in The Royle Family (co-written by Cash). In a similar style to The Royle Family every scene unfolds within the spatial context of The Grapes and it is also set in the Greater Manchester area. Two series of the show were produced between 2003 and 2004.

The title is a British slang phrase meaning those who arrive earlier than is customary, and was often associated with pub customers who wait for or arrive soon after evening opening, around 5:30 pm. (Until the law was changed in 1988 pubs in England closed in the afternoon. Most are now open all day.) It is also widely heard in British football circles, and was resuscitated in comments about football. The phrase originates in the practice of British theatres from around 1870 of allowing customers who paid a little extra to enter the theatre early and choose their own seats before the rush just before the performance started.
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Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads
I haven't really been to a beer shop for a while haven't see any latest ones.

Running a bit low so should make a visit. Any current recommendations?

The kirin spring version is out.
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