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Phaser developed (but where's my jetpac?)

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Available soon! Oh yes magnificent


Tired of the limited legroom, bad food, and worse movies you have to put up with during a flight? Well, it's time to bust out your company credit card and get yourself a Martin Jetpack, which has just become the first commercially available jetpack. Driven by a pair of washing machine-sized fans strapped to your back, this personal transporter will give you a pretty cool 30 minutes of flight time and comes with a bunch of redundancy systems to ensure any mistakes don't turn fatal. The rotors are built out of a carbon / Kevlar composite and are powered by a two-liter V4 two-stroke engine capable of delivering 200hp (or 150kW). Good old gasoline is the fuel of choice here and private individuals are expected to be offered the chance to fulfill every geek and geekette's dream later this year. Just make sure you have $86,000 lying around to fund it.



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Personal jetpack on the market next year, says aircraft company



The decades-old dream of Thunderball fans could be a reality as early as next summer after The Martin Aircraft Company said it hoped to have a model on the market within 10 months.



The jetpack will be able to soar to 7,000 feet and hit speeds of 50mph. "Think of it like a motorcycle in the sky," Peter Coker, Martin chief executive, told the Wall Street Journal.



However, with a fuel tank that will only power the twin-duct fan engines for 30 minutes, it's only a good idea if you live close to the office.



The other problem is the price - at $150,000, it's certainly not cheap. But that hasn't put off thousands of adrenaline junkies. "We have more than 10,000 people who have actually enquired as to where they might be able to purchase these in the future," Mr Coker added.



Martin has received clearance to conduct manned test flights, planning to market the jetpack to the emergency services and Army while developing a lighter version for private use.

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