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  1. Going Up! Riding Dow! Going Home! Best attempted when visibility is good. The views are way more awesome too, especially if you ride down (towards Goshiki Onsen) an hour or two before the sun goes down. It's a short trek back towards Annupuri. from Goshiki onsen (30 minutes max), hike up over the ridge and drop back into one of the bowls that will bring you back to the base of the Annupuri gondola.
  2. Cordova Alaska, Points North Heli-Adventures Video from our trip in Feb. Too bad the snow that Alaska is known for didn't arrive until much later in the season. http://www.youtube.com/user/hawaron?feature=mhee#p/a/u/1/ebub3ml6U5s
  3. The Arc'teryx Vertical or bust! http://www.arcteryx.com/Product.aspx?EN/Mens/Jackets/Vertical-Jacket
  4. Is that with HPG? I went on a private tour with them a few years ago. I think it was worth the money. Anyone who can read a map and has half-decent direction sense could probably Asahidake side country without a guide though, but it doesn't hurt to have one!
  5. Thanks for the kind comments folks. The footage came from various devices. 4:3 aspect ratio footage was taken from a friend's old school JVC DVD quality (720x480 progressive) DVCAM. 16:9 aspect ratio footage came from a 3 year old Canon IVIS AVCHD camera, most of the footage was recorded at 9Mbps 1080p 30fps, I should have recorded at 25Mbps!! The 1st person footage (they look kind of blurry due to the fixed focus nature of the lens) is 1080p 30fps footage from a Contour VHoldR 1080p head mounted cam. Software - Sony Vegas Pro 9. The non-pro $99 Vegas Movie Platinum works just
  6. 1. Snow tyres 2. 4WD 3. Drive slowly 4. Hit the brakes slowly 5. Snow tyres Did I mention snow tyres?
  7. Need a new pair of gloves. Eyeing the Arcteryx Alpha SV gloves but $300 for a pair of gloves is too rich for my blood... (managed to pick up a really nice Arcteryx gore-tex performance shell jacket at half price on eBay last season though, 25% of the official distributor price in Japan!!!)
  8. Thank you David. What would I do without you???? Thanks gnarly-dude!
  9. Finally got around my lazy ass to edit 3 seasons of footage at Hakkoda. Oh well, that didn't seem to work. Here's the link: http://www.snowjapan...come_to_Hakkoda
  10. I've been using the Rider's Choice BTX 162 for the past 2 seasons. Works great in powder, but it's also a great all round board.
  11. Unfortunately there are no "big mountains" in Japan. Other Fuji-san that is...
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