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  1. Can't afford new gear. I would rather take a trip than spend it on gear this year.
  2. Thanks, (most!) folks. Interesting guide you made on the site..... I like the feedback part.
  3. Been to a Japanese restaurant here in the UK and I enjoyed it but my friend told me that the food was pretty poor compared to 'the real thing'. Don't know if he was just showing off for having been to Japan or not, but...
  4. Can't believe what the rates used to be to what they are now. Come back those rates!!
  5. Didn't see the old ones but love these. Tons and tons of info, been reading for a week now and just signed up.
  6. Hey folks. My friend told me about this site a week or so ago and I have been glued to the info and forums here reading up and totally stoked on the idea of visiting Japan to ski. I have always wanted to get there but being able to ski as well just sounds like the best thing possible. Ever. Of course know about what happened in March. But over here, the media is pretty quiet about it all now. So it's difficult to know what the situaiton is now. So don't shout at me for asking...... So, what's the latest? I can find articles online, that's not what I'm after really. What I am
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