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Hi everyone wave


I am glad to find this site. I am impressed, I think it is so better than Japanese ones, I was surprised! Sorry my bad English I will try to post for you understanding.


Today my family went to Joetsu Kokusai in Niigata. It is close to my wife hometown and we are here for new year holiday.


My photo will not win any contest but I will share.


I hope you have good new year. Glad to be here!


The family - me and three ladies!



It was mixed weather all day, but cold



I put more in gallery.



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No need to apologise for your english, it's fine! Good to hear from you, and good to see the pics. You look after those ladies, won't you!


In about 2 weeks, I will be at Nozawa Onsen, just a bit south of you. I notice that they have had a couple of days pf decent snow, and there is plenty of powder to slide on/in! Enjoy, and keep posting!

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Yes we enjoyed it. I think it is better resort than Joetsu Kokusai. It is also many pretty view of surrounding.




We had fun with shadows on the lift





I put more photo in gallery.


I think next time ski for my family is 2nd week of January.


Have good new year everybody.

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Originally Posted By: ML
Reckon your English is better than my Japanese!

That goes for many of us who visit the land of Japow!!

Originally Posted By: ML
Thanks for the reports and I look forward to some more.

I will be in Myoko from Jan 11

Anyone else??


Hey Martin,
I'll be in NozawaOnsen (about 30km SE of you) from 14th. 4th trip to Japan, and wishing I'd bought Yen in August!

John A
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Gerday John


3rd trip for me.


Am looking at coming across to Nozawa for a day as I have an ex student working there in a travel agency.


email me martin at levins.net if you like - may be able to catch up (I'm a newbie here and can't PM you yet)


Are you leaving SYD 14th?

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  • SnowJapan Admin

Hello ML and welcome (to you and all newcomers!) - I have enabled PMs for you.


Thanks.....hope you have a good time in Japan and hope to hear about it.

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