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The FOOTBALL Thread (2008-2009)

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"But why not? We are going to be the biggest club in the world, bigger than Manchester United."


You can't buy class.


I wonder why they went for Manchester City??

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[quote=rachYou can't buy class.



Alex Ferguson disagrees with you.


£30.75m Dimitar Berbatov (Tottenham to Man Utd)


£29.3m Rio Ferdinand (Leeds to Man Utd)


£28m Juan Sebastián Verón (Lazio to Man Utd)


£27m Wayne Rooney (Everton to Man Utd)


There's Ronaldo, Carrick, Hargreaves, Tevez, Nani, Anderson all comfortably over 10m as well. That's well over 200 million in total.


Arsene Wenger's net spend = 29 million profit.

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I meant as a club/concept/history etc rather than individual players.


With the players above, you are talking a period dating back 7-8 years there, not 1 season.


Veron was not much class.


$10 doesn't buy much these days.


I think few would argue that Sir Alex knows a fair bit about the game, rather than just pulling straws.


When United want a player, the selling team add 5 million because it is United. One of the realities that face United. Fergie is just going for the players he wants.


Can't think of any other comments offhand.



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This guy is as funny as anything. It sure will make things interesting


The man behind yesterday's sensational takeover of Manchester City has given manager Mark Hughes just three years to win the Champions League.


But billionaire Dr Sulaiman al-Fahim - frontman for a mega-rich Middle East business group - will hand over an astonishing £540million to bring the world's top stars to the under-achieving Premier League club to help achieve the quest.


Sulaiman said in an exclusive interview that he wants to buy 18 new players - at a cost of £30million each.


He added: "I need to meet the manager but the best players in the world average £30million. We need a minimum of 18 players at that level.


"Without that you can't win the Champions League."

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The good thing about Manchester City though was that they were just laughed at - being "massive" an' all, but actually being totally crap. We wouldn't want that to change. Lets hope that even with the new levels of "massive"-ness, they still remain crap.

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Originally Posted By: pie-eater
I reckon these clowns are going to be the ones who force FIFA/UEFA to put implement some sort of salary/transfer cap. It's just ridiculous what they are proposing.

It wouldn't have any effect in Britain thanks to Jimmy "the chin" Hill, who in the 60's campaigned successfully for the salary cap to be made illegal in Britain.
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He really did have an impressive chin. I suppose he probably still does.


In other news:


Everton missed out on 'pretend striker' target Alan Smith on deadline day after discovering his price tag had gone up.


Everton believed they already had a £2.80 deal agreed and expected Smith to arrive for a medical to clinch the move. But they walked away from the transfer when Newcastle asked for the massive sum of 5 pounds to complete the move.


Everton had spent the summer chasing Smith, even though he is crap and thought they had him in the bag in August after brokering a deal, but Kevin Keegan’s refusal to sanction the transfer stalled the switch. They made their second move after Newcastle gave the forward the green light to give his career a fresh start last week.


But the late change in his price tag forced Everton to reconsider their options and they backed out of the deal.


Keegan joked, "Even though Smith can't score for toffee, we don't want to sell him to the toffees too cheap. He is definitely worth a fiver."

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Originally Posted By: soubriquet

"City fan Noel Gallagher: “It’s nice to know that every gallon of petrol a Manchester United fan buys is going into our transfer kitty.â€"

took me a while to get that, but of course the new owners are from Saudi Arabia
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After weeks of demanding a move to Chelsea, it seems Robinho's British record transfer to Manchester City has not quite sunk in yet.



The former Real Madrid forward joined up with the Brazil squad in Teresopolis, where he explained his dramatic £32.5million move to local journalists.



'On the last day of transfers, Chelsea made a good offer for me personally, and good for Real Madrid, and it was accepted,' he said, before someone pointed out his gaffe.


'Chelsea? No, Manchester. Sorry.'




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Check this story out


Robinho has revealed that Chelsea's mistake of putting shirts emblazoned with his name up for sale on their website prevented him from moving to Stamford Bridge.


According to the Brazilian, who moved to Manchester City on transfer deadline day, the revelation that his shirt was available on the Chelsea website angered Real Madrid to the extent that the Spanish giants refused to go ahead with a deal that had, until then, seemed an inevitability.

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