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OK, not really a subject line but this one made me laugh and scratch my head at the same time:


Baton-wielding Israeli police cajoled and dragged dozens of Jewish squatters out of a three-story, Palestinian-owned home Sunday,

demonstrating the new government's resolve to confront extremist settlers.

Nineteen officers and seven settlers were reported injured during a clash outside as protesters tried to keep police from entering the building in a scene reminiscent of violence during last summer's forced evacuation of all the Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip.



In another sign of his tough approach, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told his Cabinet's first session that he will also crack down on wildcat settler outposts in the West Bank that have drawn international criticism.<


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lol.gif WTF??
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Killer phrase will fill your PC with spam


Interweb's most dangerous words revealed



By Nick Farrell: Friday 12 May 2006, 16:27

THERE IS ONE phrase which, if you type into any search engine will expose your PC to shed-loads of spam, according to a new report.


Researchers Ben Edelman and Hannah Rosenbaum reckon that typing the phrase "Free Screensavers" into any search engine is the equivalent of lighting a blue touch paper and standing well back.


The writers of the report work for Site Advisor, recently acquired by AV firm McAfee, so might be said to have some self interest in all of this.


More than 64 per cent of sites that are linked to this phrase will cause you some trouble, either with spyware or adware. The report found 1,394 popular keywords searches found via Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Ask that were linked to spyware or adware and the list is quite amusing. Do not type in the following words into any search engine:






Download Yahoo messenger

Lime wire

Free ringtones


Site Advisor reckons that the search engines should do more to point people who might type these words into their search engines away from the dodgy sites



food for thought there team.

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