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  1. Just got one that had "Masturbation Sisters" in katakana as the subject line!
  2. My family usually goes like this - me and mum - sister and dad
  3. I used to have a soft one and it got wrecked (along with the some of the contents), so I prefer hard ones now. Mine is a Polo one as well, it's good. Could be lighter though
  4. I recommend you take a look at the Reviews and photos too as Kumapix said. That photo section was a really great idea, I love going through them all.
  5. I probably spend over half a million yen. I'm feeling a bit poor now.
  6. My picks for the tournament: Germany Holland
  7. Something not to look forward to in Tokyo.
  8. i want to be on the (real) slopes in the fastest time possible from tokyo station. where do i go and how long does it take. from what i have read, that place galayuzawa seems to be winner.
  9. skiing for 6 yeqars, boarding for 3. enjoy them both. neat to find this place..
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