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tin machine. but anyway, notebooks

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i bought my dell inspiron 2600 online. its a celeron 1.3mhz and has 8X dvd/cd-rw combo drive. it was about 2100 dollars including tax and shipping [canadian dollars that is, 145,000 yen] and was a really good deal. the great thing about dell is you can pick and choose what u want and what u dont want.

i would happily recommend it to anyone in the market for a reasonably priced laptop.


oh and it has a 14.1 inch screen.

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I used to work for a computer manufacturer/reseller, and we preferred Toshiba notebooks/laptops.


Not the fastest or coming with the most gizmo's, but good value for money and robust. Sold a whole heap to mining companies for the geologists to use.

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hey akibun...

I bought a new vaio this month too...seems we have much in common ;\)


very impressed with the design and features...but need to learn more kanji! built-in wireless is key!



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i got a thought for ya DONT GET A PC!

they suck but!


get a MAC, have you seen the mac laptops?!

they are so much nicer!


they are sleek and stylish and they are soooooooooo much more powerful!


i live on macs they kick pcs buts in every way!



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its so beautiful and white

and never ever crashes or freezes on me


and the iPod is so the coolest toy ever.


but if i'd had extra money, i would have liked to have gotten the g4 one... mmmmtitanium


i used to be all about PC, but that's all changed now.



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What is the deal with Apple people that have such a blind hatred for the PC as a platform? I cannot understand it at all. I am not anti-mac. I have used plenty of Macs. They have their purpose and their following, but I prefer the PC as an everyday computing platform.


I have never heard PC people rip on Macs the way Mac people rip on PCs. It's like someone loving their Playstation so much that they hate the Xbox just because it's the competition. Whatever, they're all cool. Just wondering where this comes from.

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I know pleanty of people that hate macs!


They are MAC-O-FOBIC!


Thats half the reason that im mac mac mac....


lots of people wouldnt give them a second thought but they r really got machines they are faster than you general PC...


Pcs are good (i wouldnt right off a pc i would rite of Windows but windows = trouble) a PC is good for Office programs and word processing etc.... macs were made for design software but they are can funtion just as quickly with office programs were as pcs strugle with design software unless you have a top of the line PC....


a mac gets the best of both worlds and the OS is a lot more stable....


I do use PCs... i have 2 macs dad has 2 PCs i have used macs for bout 3 years now and have found them much more suited to what i do and need them for...


Given there are lots of Unreal PCs they get out graded sooo quick cause they have competion but macs dont they stay top of the line untill somthing mind blowingly better comes out because they avet the time to work on better stable puters its not a race against time like the pcs competition....


the downfall is macs are more expesive cause they ahve no competion.


I like both but i like to see Mac ppl out there cause there aint many of us and its good to see they are growing..


soo,.... nothing against Pcs, they are fine but im a mac girl in a PC world!



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That's the standard Mac line, none of which is particularly true. The Mac OS has had bugs just like Windows. The OS X was hammered by Unix users for being a poor implementation of Unix. My first Mac was a piece of crap in which nearly every major component was defective - I sent it back 3 times before they gave up and gave me a new one. I was a 'Mac fan' until I was forced to use a PC at work and found that...it worked just exactly the same (and had lots more software).


PCs don't struggle with graphics programs performance-wise. The problem was that PCs didn't have WYSIWYG colour so print colour and screen colour differed.

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the mac OSX was a fair joke yes....


but OS 9's are very stable along with the OS X.2 all the magazines are raving bout how good it is... i dont know anyone who as had problems with OS X.2.... everyone said it was very stable and good....


i have had more Blue Error screens with a Windows Pc than i could even consider counting.


Pcs do have troubles with design software, i have used a pc just as much as a mac....


in graphic design and web design like 80% of the industry uses macs.... for that reason... that being that you wont crash.


everyone has their own experiances but i know that Pc ppl tend to be Mac scared and mac ppl accept both! *genralisation*

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Ocean - i have a fiar bit of experience using both Mac's and PC's. I have used PC's far more than i have Mac's, i now use a Mac at home.


In my experience Mac's can handle a hell of a lot more than your average PC's can, in terms of running multiple applications.


San has already mentioned a couple of points that i wont bother covering again.


Windows 95 2nd ed was by far the best Windows OS to date, all the rest i found to be very untrustworthy and basically not worth it.


I am not a "PC hater" or a "Mac lover". I am a computer user who has used both systems extensively and have found that Mac's suit my needs a lot more than PC's do and i find them to be more reliable.


Just my $0.02.



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No, PC's don't struggle with graphics, they're just not as fast. The best graphics and 3D software is more oriented to a mac platform. When you're working with large graphics 10~12 hours a day, each few seconds you save on each function adds up to more time on SJG forum.


Having said that, 99% of computer users would notice no difference in speed, and regular graphic applications, making web pages etc. on a mac or PC.

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Speed is realtive to the application. When I think speed I think of 3D gaming performance. Polygon pushing. I promise the PC is a far superior gaming platform.


I don't know what you are trying to say about the Mac being better because it doesn't have competition. I would think the competition in the PC industry promotes technological advancement.

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I love computers. They've given me a huge amount of freedom to express myself in ways unimaginable in my teens.




They really are a piece of crap when you think about it, Mac or PC. Better input methods like intelligent keyboards, pens, voice commands, touch panels and so on are pathetically not happening.


Truly mobile computing is still a dream. Home networking even is prohibitively difficult.


And software is rubbish really. OS software often doesn't work properly. As soon as it does get to work properly, a new version is brought out that doesn't work. OS software is all overly complicated, and customizable in only the most superficial sense. Can I easily specify which parts of my OS I never plan to use, and not install it? No I don't think so.


Then there's needless updates of application software. I got used to using Photoshop 4, in fact became something of a wizard. Then some very different versions came out, and not having the time to devote to learning it anymore, I hardly use the program anymore (although I've got my sticky paws on every update, gratis of course).


Software is all so overpriced that theft is the only option for anyone that wants to use a major 'package'. If the makers do succeed in their lunatic plans to make software sales on a loan basis, they'll either have to make it a fraction of the current prices or people will start rediscovering the pen and pencil and typewriter. Nicely tab-stopped table anyone?


Given the bigger picture, I think the PC vs Mac thing is just a sideshow. I think we should be very, very angry with anybody who is in the business of making the same crappy old equipment and software. mad.gif

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