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  1. Quote: Originally posted by miteyak: not to mention the ubiquitous surprise at gaijin using chopsticks... Happens when you go to a chinese restaurant as well. There I am, eating from a little bowl with chopsticks and the owners says "You use chopsticks very well" So hard not to be sarcastic and say "Yes, I've been eating chinese and japanese food for 40 odd years, so I'd hope I'd get the hango of it by now" Oh, and I prefer Japanese chopsticks to Chinese.
  2. Quote: Originally posted by mina2: "Last time we spoke...." (when we never spoke before) When they really mean, the last poor sucker that had to call you. I caught them out one time, as I started taking their names, and keeping a log. "Hi, it's Michael, from Laser Print Supplies, and last time we spoke...." "Actually Michael, can you just hold the line?" Check list of callers from this company, and choose earliest on I can find in list. Wander off for a couple of minutes and get a coffee. "Thanks for holding Michael. Actually, last time I spoke to Jonathon, is he around at the mom
  3. I used to have a GM that had the worst email manners. No intro, just straight into the message, no punctuation, no paragraphs. Damned hard to read, hard to answer, easy to ignore
  4. I'd say that some people do change. I never wanted to have children, but now find myself thinking that it would be nice with the girl I am now with. She however, doesn't want to get married/settle permanently with anyone, but I am willing to wait and see if that changes. Bear in mind that I "knew" from age 16, that I didn't want children, saw 4 really good relationships die because of my "no children" policy, and now I think it would be nice, so go figure.
  5. For me, the top ten would be: Blackadder Fawlty Towers Yes Minister Absolutely Fabulous The Young Ones Father Ted Red Dwarf Birds of a Feather The Brittas Empire Men Behaving Badly Keeping Up Appearances Probably not accurate, seeing I haven't watched TV for a long time. A lot of those shows never made it to AU, so I don't know if they are any good or not.
  6. And he'd be the first to complain about guys with long hair too.
  7. Now playing: Robbie Williams - The ego has landed.
  8. I had the misfortune of getting a bus seat next to one of the great unwashed. Adelaide to Alice Springs, 1560k's & 20 hours. As long as he didn't move, it was not toooo bad, but when he moved, OMG, it was gross. I spent most of the trip talking to the drivers. Been lucky on planes so far, maybe I've been the smelly one
  9. Quote: Originally posted by d=(^o^)=b: Mate, she looks great but you are looking a bit messy there. Did someone clock you on the snout or is that a shot from a scat session? That is a sun-spot. Too many years in the sun as a surfie in my teens, and now I have to worry about getting chunks of my nose cut off. To quote Baz "Trust me on the sunscreen"
  10. These guys are better: Abbott: Alright, now whaddya want? Costello: Now look, I'm the head of the sports department. I gotta know the baseball players' names. Do you know the guys' names? Abbott: Oh sure. Costello: So you go ahead and tell me some of their names. Abbott: Well, I'll introduce you to the boys. You know sometimes nowadays they give ballplayers peculiar names. Costello: You mean funny names. Abbott: Nicknames, pet names, like Dizzy Dean - Costello: His brother Daffy - Abbott: Daffy Dean - Costello: And their cousin! Abbott: Who's that? Costello: Goofy!
  11. Just took Hilltop Hoods (AU hip hop) and put in Pete Murray (AU rock)
  12. And just because I can: English and gorgeous
  13. I like Phoebe. I also like Lisa character in Romy and Michelle, and if you watch the last episode of Mad About You, she plays a very similar character.
  14. We don't separate like that, but a lot of councils do recycle/green/the rest. When I lived by myself, I used to put out 2 recycle bins (60L) every fortnight, and about 20L of the rest. All my green waste went into a compost bin made from 4 pallets.
  15. I shave every second day. If I shave every day, all I do is shave a rash. Interstingly, my father has to shave twice a day if he goes out at night, so I guess I got my mums genes, as far as hirsuteness goes.
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