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  1. EBC, can you buy special makeup for icy-cold conditions? Are girls worried their eyeliner or lipstick might freeze on their face? Could it add to wind-chill? Or does it keep your face warmer? So many questions!
  2. Quote: Originally posted by Plucky: The 20 year old slut with bad teeth who said she'd blow me for a beer at Oktoberfest also kinda turned me off. Damn Brits haha funny sh*t. Did you accept her offer?
  3. Some chicks are just too ugly to not wear make up... It's their call! Others look sexy without the powder (on their face...) Each to their own I say. I love beautiful women
  4. Quote: Originally posted by Plucky: I've got a US address over here in Deutschland...... So what you're trying to say is that you live on the west side of the wall?
  5. Just over 2 months for me! But I have a lot (of things and girls) to do this summer before I leave
  6. Yeh sorry JB but the niseko park sucked last season. I suppose it's relative though. The one thing about Niseko jumps is that they are completely horrible. They never have enough of a 'kick' to them. Most of the time, with my slow board I couldn't even get enough speed to clear the tabletop even after straightlining it from hundreds of metres up the hill. It was a HUGE come-down after riding the geometrically perfect jumps of Whistler-Blackcomb the year before. In short - the Niseko parks sucked. PS the rails sucked too. Powder wasn't bad though.
  7. Haha, yeh well picked up ocean11...I did contradict myself there. I suppose what I was trying to place an emphasis on is cultural sensitivity. Obviously I can't speak on behalf of any specific culture. All I know is that i've been to Japan, Canada and Whistler... And what I learnt, through my experiences there, was that marijuana is far more accepted by both the authorities and citizens in alpine areas in USA/Canada than it is in those of Japan. Obviously, it is illegal almost everywhere in the world as you correctly pointed out. Still it doesn't change the point I was trying
  8. I am fairly open-minded when it comes to drugs. I don't condemn people who use them and I myself, at some point, have tried most of them available. But it is important to realise that when you visit another country, you have to show respect: -Respect for culture -Respect for the environment and yes, even -Respect for the laws, rules and regulations. People often forget that when you are in a new place you are representing your country - whether you like it or not, You are an outsider. This has implications. Therefore, it is important not to even bother with drugs in J
  9. Quote: i don't even have my season pass yet... and usually my pass is valid from 1st december... so umm no, but given that i need to buy new ski boots in the immediate future, i won't be riding anything until i do. Ahhh, the beauty of a credit card EBC. Get what you want and need now...pay later! Just remember it is NOT a well-endowed savings acount. In my experiences, women have trouble comprehending this concept. But I love using the old Visa to iron out cash-flow creases - even though I do tend to get myself in trouble every now and then
  10. Wish the SJ party could be in February, not arriving in 'kuba til then.... But unfortunately it can never be.
  11. I like the picture snowzzang. It's almost surreal - nice work. Quote: Wow Koreans really like snow I guess all the other countries in the world with resorts opening in November with man made snow must not enjoy skiing as much as Korea I sense a little sarcasm there Toque. Either way it's implicit, you said it not him. I think the title of the thread 'This is how much the Koreans like skiing' is more an attempt at a humourous caption for the picture, not a value statement regarding which country likes skiing the most.
  12. Love the royce... Love chocolate Love Hokkaido ....intollerant to dairy products
  13. Nah that's a waste of money...take it for a ride, if you notice a problem then take it into the shop... Unless you're loaded - in that case, take it into the shop then send me some money
  14. Freddy got fingered has some hilarious humour. Sure it is a little silly and immature, but you need to lighten up sava mate! "You've got to get inside the animals!"
  15. Thanks FT and kuma, I appreciate the help... Definitely be looking into organising a tour with dave or matsumoto, and i'll tell them they were recommended.
  16. Always carry money to buy a hot can of coffee out of the vending machines. It's cheap, and nice. I like the black sesame hot chocolate...They are a bit on the small side though, you need 2
  17. I'm targeting 22... A bit low, but what can you do. (That wasn't meant to rhyme...true)
  18. If it's a new board I wouldn't bother waxing it... It will have already been factory waxed....re-waxing it won't really make any noticeable difference, in fact it my make it slower if you don't have the right equipment (ie an electric drill with buffer) to immaculately scrape off all traces of wax.
  19. no worries mate! As I said, you had some great points...I definitely picked up a thing or 2 myself
  20. It's good to know all this stuff...I do appreciate the advice, and while their is a lot of criticism I am not so stubborn to understand that it is all in the interests of safety. So thanks boys and girls. With regards to bc safety, given the intricacies of slope angle, wind direction and snowpack conditions, it seems to me that a person with little knowledge of a ski area (ie a tourist/me in japan) shouldn't be going into the backcountry at all...I mean, even if they had a topo map (and knew how to read it), current accurate weather details, a good knowledge of avalanche safety and approp
  21. No doubt, it's no secret it takes me a little longer than the normal person to learn things! Hate to be pigeon-holed into the infamous 'Aussie in Niseko' category of riders... but I can't blame you based on what i've just posted. Still, it's good to generate this kind of discussion because it's obviously more important than people think. I'm travelling with mates this season so I can make sure we all stay together in the bc and have some safety gear and don't take any un-necessary risks. Thanks for all the (constructive) criticisms. Would hate to become another avie statisti
  22. Oyuki, you make some good points and i understand and agree with basically everything you said. I just wanted to correct you because you misinterpreted what I had said before: Quote: as for speed, i have to go against Snosurf`s recommendation. If you just started jumping, you shouldn`t be trying any big park jumps that require a lot of speed to clear a long, flat area. Stay within your abilities Ie you implied that I recommended he attempt big park jumps that require a lot of speed. ( won't reapeat myself - it's explained crystal clear in the above post). The speed theory a
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